Genuine Barrel Head Lazy Server

Genuine Barrel Head Lazy Server
$54.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 Genuine Barrel Head Lazy Server

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hmmm seems kinda over priced

Well, that’s certainly… interesting.

Will it stink up my house?

sells for $98 elsewhere

AKA Lazy Susan

the woodgrain on the specimen in the picture is beautiful, outstanding even.

Whatever happened to Susan? Is Server the PC word for Susan? Are feminist really digging THAT deep?

So they made this from used barrels that would have probably ended up in a dumpster and then selling it for $60?

I guess you are correct…I was thinking it was over priced for what it is ,which appears to be a wooden plank basically?

It’s a lazy server, which means it has a rotating base.

(I’ve never posted on wine.woot before, since they can’t ship wine to my state. But I was too intrigued by what did appear at first to be a wooden plank.)

$100 and 10 positive comments at Uncommon Goods

$120 (no comments) at Sur La Table

$39 at Pottery Barn

Oops, the Pottery Barn one was only INSPIRED by the bottom of an oak wine barrel.

I’ve never met an inspiring oak barrel bottom…

Ummm yes, $60 is way too much… If it was $25 or so, I’d be in for 3.

$60 for a wood plank circle, is just out of my touch.

sorry wine.woot

think about the price again… drop if to $25, sell out fer sure.


Any thoughts on the quality or workman ship of this?

I keep checking wine woot, excited about what’s coming up next, and I keep getting disappointed. I was sure DeLong’s Varietal Table would be up this week. Where is it?!

There is a wood craftsman near me that makes some way too cool and way too comfortable adirondack chairs from wine barrel staves, and uses tops of the barrels to make lazy susans also. Its a lot of work and time to deconstruct a wine barrel, then dry it out, make one of these pieces. At the place near me, choose barrels that have been properly stored after “retirement”, they dry it for a month, then sand the pieces, apply bees wax for coating, and finalize the piece. A lot of work. $60 is not much money for the time and materials, even if figured at minimum wage.

On a side note, they craftsmen near me sell the chairs for $700. There is a nice italian guy down the street who makes his own wine - I bought a retired barrel from him and am going to try to make my own chair. Probably will look like some Escher chair when I am done, but then again, I will be indulging in some Adequate Gift Wine from our WootWine Friends, so probably wont care.

Have a good weekend.

Oh wow! I don’t have one of these. My lazy susan is made out of of boring bamboo! I need to buy three of these wine barrel top things!

The $39 is for the small one too, which is only 12" the large one was a comparable size to this one, but it is sold out. It was $99 when it was in stock. I don’t know about shipping.

I’m too lazy to buy a susan. bleh