Genuine Leather Ratchet Belt 1 & 2 PK

Genuine Leather Ratchet Belt 1 & 2 PK

Title says wallet, but pretty sure these are belts.

Genuine Leather Tan Ratchet Wallet 1 & 2 Pack, Your Choice

Anyhoo, I like the couple ratcheting belts that I do have - one is “Mission Belt” brand (from that Shark Tank episode), other is generic off Amazon that looks like one of these. I like that the buckle is open on the generic, so I can hang it on a hook, unlike the Mission Belt version.


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Details, details.


(I’m asking the team to fix 'er up)

I’m soo glad they fixed the title

Length in inches. Width in CM :frowning:
Their 3 CM = 1.2 inches
My jeans and dress pants belt loops are both around 1.75 inches.