Genuine Leather Ratchet Belt 1-3PK

Genuine Leather Ratchet Belt 1-3PK

Cognac versus Congac… (sigh)

Spelled it like it sounds.



Yeah, but it’s Russian – here the “G” is silent…

No big deal, just in the interests of maintaining our professional credibility (i.e., professionals have most of the $$)…


I hate saying this, but it’s only $15.99 at the big W. (even has the same pictures)

[MOD: checked with our vendor; different brand]

I have a 33" waist. Where does the extra 22 inches go?

From the listing:

With embossed size markings on the belt strap, it’s easy to measure and cut if you’d like to trim the belt for a tailored fit.


It looks like the buckle can be swapped? So instead of getting the same belt color twice for the buckle color combination, I can get a different belt color and buckle and swap the buckles if I want to just change the combo?

This is correct. You actually have to remove the buckle to adjust the length since the ratcheting grooves are on the tail end.

Did MOD ask why they used a picture from somebody else’s product, then? Because this is definitely the photo from here (even the shadow is identical):

Isn’t this a policy violation? It’s certainly a copyright violation as well.

“We have found a witch. May we burn it?”

So same price here for the 1 pk, but the 3 pk would be a big savings! Sounds reasonable.

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Actually, it’s the other way around. Vendor says the others are using their photos and they’re contacting Walmart about it.



Of course they do.

Rather than just accept that, Woot could have taken 15 seconds (the time spent on adding a childish tongue-out emoji, for example) and done a basic image search. (Woot, of course, countermands normal browser tools to get at image URLs or save them independently… like they routinely have something to hide. )

Results look pretty conclusive: Mark Fred has this image dating back over two years, while Woot’s unnamed vendor is invisible. Surprise!

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Inspecting element on the page would show Cloudfront URLs such as this one:

Not everything is about hiding stuff.

Dude. Wouldn’t it be cool to get a hobby doing something fun and productive? Music, reading, sports, crafts, video games, volunteering to help others, etc. There are many options. I hope you’ll consider it.

TT asked the vendor and reported back what they said. That’s all. Not everything is a conspiracy.




I guess the main question is: Do they actually look like the photos posted? :slight_smile:

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Evidence above indicates that it’s a lie.

Given Amazon’s history of not policing its supply chains (a friend was partially blinded in the fake eclipse glasses debacle, for example), failure to respond to even obvious fraudulent activity is indefensible.