Geocaching with Woot

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It’s full of pictures of traveling woot monkeys!

Why would anyone bother buying a geocaching gps when there are apps for gps enabled phones?

So very this!

We used to use one of these devices years ago, but there are some very good apps out there now that make things very easy.

My only thought for using these would be if you didn’t want to waste your cell phone battery and/or you can’t get a good enough signal for what you are looking for.

Because when you’re out in the woods under heavy tree cover, you can’t get a really good signal from the phone AND the phone app will sometimes make mistakes and only get you within 20 yds of the geocache. I don’t know about you but when I’ve hiked 5 miles through the woods and over boulders and major hills and sometimes mountains, I want my fancy pants GPS to put me ON TOP of the geocache so I can get the FIND. :slight_smile:

This, plus if you go caching in places more challenging than your average Wally World parking lot, do you REALLY want to risk dropping your smartphone in a creek, banging it on rocks, or any number of other things that most GPSr’s can handle with relatively little concern?

And not to make a blanket statement here, but GPSr accuracy is generally far better than many (not all) smartphones. The app being used is only part of the equation. Different smartphone makers use different antennae and chipsets so some are hideous for fine location determination while others are ok to perfectly fine. YMMV.

still trying to sell Power Balance wristbands for $5? For shame, woot!

You’ll notice that a) we called them crap in the title, and b) we make no claims as to their abilities. We just say they’re wristbands. I think that’s pretty accurate.

Takes worse crap than that to shame us.

Every time we tried to mail a traveling monkey, it would disappear.
This seems to be working well!

It is working VERY well! The Monkey Crew is 110 strong and they have made stops in 42 states plus Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Turkey and the Czech Republic so far. They have traveled over 525,000 miles, for a little perspective that is more than 21 times around the equator! I have received 1,557 email updates from them since the first ones were released into the wild on August 28, 1012.
You are most welcome to follow their exploits via Cornelius.Zaius’ Facebook page or by following GRogers61 on

I’ve been following them since you first posted about it last year. You once posted on FB the list of names that you came up with for all the monkeys. Can you share that here? I thought they were quite good!

It is still rather sad. You should just burn them.

They all say up to 3-5 meters, is that considered good for this price range? I would have expected a bit better, but I don’t use GPS much.

One word of warning, because I felt duped the last time I bought a Magellan GPS receiver. Detail maps are an additional cost. The receivers usually come with a very basic map. You may be able to see the nearest interstate, but you won’t find your street or favorite trails.

It’s really civilian GPS vs Military. That’s the best our government allows us to receive.

I should add that it’s the same with Garmin so I’m not singling out Magellan.

you’re government restricts how accurate they can be, the technology can do much better, and does for the military.

did the powerbands actually go up in price? It isn’t april yet.

Watch the video!!! Well worth the time.


Adam Zapel – 9694mi - Texas
Admiral Byrd - 566.2mi – California
Ailana - 30.5mi – Utah
AL GEE - 3633.7mi - New York
Albert II - 11396.7mi – Florida
Anita Job - 5089.6mi - Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Anita Shower - 7013.5mi – Michigan
Annie Hew - 15483.9mi - Thüringen, Germany
Barb Dwyer - 1076.5mi – Texas
Barry Cade – 0mi – Utah
Bill Ding - 3260.3mi – Iowa
Candy Barr - 13908mi - Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Carrie Oakey - 363mi – Utah
Constance Noring - 10762.2mi – Indiana
Dinah Soares - 1702.9mi – Colorado
Dr. E. Ville - 3678.3mi – Texas
Earl Lee Riser - 20005mi - Zachodniopomorskie, Poland
Gail Force - 1052mi – Texas
Harry Pitts - 2305.7mi - North Carolina
Homer D’ Brave - 5328.2mi – Oregon
Hugh Morris - 3786mi – Montana
I.D. Clair - 2151.7mi – Utah
Ima Gonnablow - 3721.7mi - British Columbia, Canada
Izzy Foreel - 7582.8mi - Niedersachsen, Germany
Jack N. DeBocks - 7582.8mi - Niedersachsen, Germany
Janice Saykwa - 657.7mi – Utah
Jean Poole - 2218.1mi – Utah
Justin Credible - 7582.8mi - Niedersachsen, Germany
Kandi Apple - 1039.7mi – Nevada
Katja Fallingstar - 657.7mi – Utah
Ken Dahl - 1052mi – Texas
Leigh King - 2712.6mi – Oregon
Levon Time - 2556.1mi – Kansas
Lucy Fer – Michigan
Luke Adam Go - 4180.2mi – Nevada
Manny Kinn - 2129.4mi - Utah
May I. Kissu - 767mi – Utah
Meriwether Lewis - 261.9mi – Utah
Mick Stuff - 8867.4mi - Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Mike Easter - 4691.4mi – Minnesota
Miles Tagoe - 3669mi – Utah
Misty Buss - 3638.3mi – Utah
Nat Sass - 17910.6mi - New Mexico
Omar Gosh - 3714.9mi – Utah
Oscar Ruitt - 4895.7mi - Quebec, Canada
P. Brain - 2598.6mi – Utah
P. Eve Doff - 3875.2mi – Utah
Pat McCann - 2309mi – Utah
Phill Lynn Goode - 8717.1mi – Utah
Phylis Teen - 7962.5mi - British Columbia, Canada
Purdy Kool - 3738.6mi – Utah
Randy Quartermile - 2646.8mi – Arizona
Ray Zenz - 1877mi – Wisconsin
Reba Dirtchee - 657.7mi – Utah
Rex DeCarrs - 8687.3mi - Utrecht, Netherlands
Rex Easley - 4181.5mi - New Mexico
Rick O’Shea - 3132.5mi – Maine
Rita Palm - 16631.2mi – Wyoming
Rita Ployment - 1391mi – Oregon
Ron A Muck - 183.8mi – Utah
Ron Dayvoo - 2532.6mi – Arizona
Rosy Bottoms - 1040.5mi – Washington
Rudy Wakening - 657.7mi – Utah
Rufus Lee King - 657.7mi – Utah
Sal A. Mander - 4414.8mi - Ontario, Canada
Sara Bellum - 5408.8mi – Wisconsin
Sara Nade - 15522.4mi – Alaska
Sara Tonin - 3694.4mi – Utah
Seth Poole - 1501.6mi – Illinois
Sherpa, Nam-kha - 18169.1mi - District of Columbia
Shirley Knott - 4143.9mi – Wyoming
Skip Dover - 5498.1mi - South East England, United Kingdom
Sonny Day - 11847.6mi – Florida
Sonya Mind - 366.3mi – Wyoming
Stan Back - 5355.2mi - West Virginia
Stan Dupp - 6002.5mi – Oklahoma
Storm E See - 2332mi – Minnesota
Sue Case - 4299.8mi – Oregon
Sue Cherself - 5317.1mi – Alaska
Sue Permann - 2304.3mi – Delaware
Tate Urchips - 18.5mi – Utah
Terry Bull – 0mi – Utah
Terry Dactul - 727mi - New Mexico
Tim Burr - 227.4mi – Utah
Tristan Shout - 4112.7mi – Pennsylvania
Trudy Lookinglass - 253.8mi – Utah
Ty Juan On - 257.8mi – Utah
Upton O’Good - 3331.9mi – Oregon
Uriel Smart - 7134.8mi - London, United Kingdom
Val Lee Girl - 1039.7mi – Nevada
Val Yum - 3948.4mi – Tennessee
Vanna Teafair - 6248.9mi - Wien, Austria
Vic Toree - 4019.7mi – Indiana
Wanda Rinn - 4166.3mi - Ontario, Canada
Warren T. - 657.7mi – Utah
Wayne Dwopp - 755.1mi – Utah
Wendy Expectim Back - 183.8mi – Utah
Wendy Lottery - 2148.5mi – Utah
Will E. Wynn - 25023.4mi – Utah
Willie B Long - 183.8mi – Utah
Willy Gofar - 7561.9mi – California
Winsom Cash - 8615.6mi – Arizona
Woody Dowitt - 183.8mi – Utah
X. Benedict - 260.6mi – Utah
X. Marx D’Spot - 2637.5mi – Utah
Xavier Self - 289.8mi – Utah
Yule B. Sari - 4494mi – Idaho
Yuri Member - 657.7mi – Utah
Zack Lee Wright - 2403.9mi – Alabama
Zeke N. Yeshallfind - 4202.8mi - Michigan