Geometric Wine Rack System

Geometric Wine Rack System
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Condition: Geometric
Product: 1 Geometric Wine Rack System

$19.95 at Wine Enthusiast

Reminds me of a TIE Fighter

Now you’re thinking with Hexagons.

I can’t see these holding the bottles very well.

Sigh, in for one. It has to be more classy than just leaving the bottles in the boxes.

I made a similar wine rack just like this…but with K’NEX (the old school kind, not this lego knock off crap)

Amazon has something similar for $20 they also have a picture of it in use

Or a better solution is to drink them before they get to the rack.

Wow, try for first woot, fail. Take my time deciding if I want it, and how many, and 1.5min later, success! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice!! In for 3.

Wine Enthusiast has them for $19.95, average of 3.5 stars out of 4 reviews.

Do the bottles rest on the metal or on the “molded plastic connectors” and how exactly would that work? If they rest on the metal, it doesn’t appear to be deep enough. If they rest on the plastic, it doesn’t appear to hold 6 bottles…


What if you need more than 3, wait for the next woot off?

Either that or use a friend or relative’s account and promise to pay them back (hopefully following through) or make another account and use a different credit card/paypal account.

I’m sure you have clicked through the links and seen by now, but on the offchance you didn’t or to inform other people who are also wondering, bottles rest on the metal slightly protruding.

Alternate configuration here:

(Click Zoom/Larger View)

Edit: four reviews there as well.

Maybe its just me…

It’s also available for “gifting”, see the link in the main page listing.

Silly CarolinaKSU, this wine rack doesn’t come in brown!

so lets say i buy 3, whats my max bottle holding potential?