George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill


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Bought one last time. I used it once to destroy a pair of ribeyes and it’s been parked ever since. The steaks came out more stewed then grilled. Maybe it was my technique but I’m a fairly decent cook and followed all the directions including pre-heating grill on hi for 20 min and dry rub steaks at room temperature. I’m open to any suggestions to improve the finished product.

So it’s basically not hot enough?

That’s a good question. I think the surface get’s quite hot but maybe not the air in the dome. I set one up for my gf a few years ago and kinda had hte same experience. However, if you don’t have any other way to grill indoors you could probably adjust your grilling techniques to work.

I thought the quality was good but we had to get another drip tray because the plastic was mal-formed. The customer service was good, though.

As soon as he lifted the cover and I saw the solid grill, I’m OUT! We have an electric grill very similar to this one with a regular wire grill and it does an outstanding job!! So good, in fact, that I gave my gas grill away. Oh, and one other thing that is sooooo important. IF you use an extension cord to plug it in, IT MUST BE AT LEAST A 12GA WIRE. If not, the grill won’t get enough amps to truly get it up to temperature and you end up, on this type grill, boiling the meat because the juices don’t get burned off. been there, done that, learned the hard way!

We had one for years but lost it in a move. Now my husband has asked for another for Christmas, although i was thinking of one of the counter top ones. Once you adjust your cooking methods, ie add moisture, it works well. Marinade, italian dressing, olive oil, any of these will help keep it moist while you cook.


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Steam is your enemy when cooking meat so covering it up in something like this can’t turn out well.
The dry rub would help. I usually use a little white vinegar on steaks as well because the acid will break down the fibers in the meat. Buy a good steak with marbling, not too thin. Salt and something acidic prep the meat well, let sit for at least 1/2 hour then only turn the steak once when cooking. Let it stand in it’s own juice for a few minutes before serving. I prefer med-rare myself.

I’m in for one, woot #82!

I just moved into an apartment and needed method to do quick grilling.

Bought this when it was on Woot! last month, and fired it up over the weekend when we had a little bit of Indigenous People’s Summer. Well, not so much fired it up as plugged it in. Anyway, I also ruined a very nice porterhouse. The actual meat cooked nicely and the surface developed very good browning - I had given it a very aggressive dry rub of Penzey’s Northwoods seasoning - but the fat just didn’t cook at all. “Steaming” as another commenter described is right, as far as the beef fat went. Resorted to trying to finish it in the oven at 450, but that just took it from one kind of mediocre to another,

On the other hand, the heavily dry rubbed chicken breast I made for my wife at the same time came out perfectly. Best grilled chicken I’ve ever made, and very nearly the best I’ve ever had. Super moist, nice surface sear, just a great bit of grilled chicken.

I suspect that the grill will perform well for staples like sausages and burgers, and the chicken experience tells me it should handle fish pretty well too. The lesson for me is to stick with my tried-and-true stovetop searing and oven finishing for steak, and use the grill for just about everything else.

Happy grilling!

We have had this grill for almost 2 years and use it IN our apt at least once a week…it’s everything it says and MORE!! You MUST let it heat up till the light goes out and only cook 3 minutes per side. I cut our own steaks from a whole strip loin, and I cut them thick! We prefer “medium” steaks, and they turn out perfect!! No smoke either!!

Maybe this article sums up the steam effect some posters have mentioned:

I’d be included to have an old fashioned grill pan and spend the money on a portable burner/hotplate if you want to go outside- woud be a lot more versatile? Just a thought

I LOVE that Phil is doing NANOWRIMO.


Even though Phil is still an extreme arse.

Will not work for tailgating - unless you have a generator for it.

We’ve had this for a few years and love it, though it can be tough to clean. We don’t clean the grilling surface very often, but grease tends to build up on the outside of the lid, which sucks if you brush up against it in the kitchen. The problem is that the lid is so big that you can’t clean it easily in the sink.

Also, plan ahead for where you will keep this thing. If you have a small kitchen, you’ll need somewhere out of the way to put this or you’ll drive yourself nuts dragging it around the kitchen floor all the time. We ended up getting rid of one of the 4 stools around our breakfast bar–the grill fits perfectly in that space. We put it on a floormat to catch any drips and make it easier to slide in and out.

I would rather just use an old fashioned cast iron grill skillet. As long as you don’t mind a bit of smoke (use the stove fan) and a bit of cleanup (requires some cleaning maintenance).