George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill

I got one of these the last time it came around and I absolutely love it. You can use it indoors or out, it’s easy to clean, and it makes a mean ribeye. It’s compact, yet you can easily cook enough for four people with room to spare. I’m a little miffed that I paid ten bucks more for it, but at the current price, you can’t go wrong.

Every time I see a George Foreman grill, I think of this exchange from “King of the Hill” –

GEORGE FOREMAN: How about carrying my grill in your shop?
HANK: Oh, sorry, but we have a strict policy about that. No novelty grills.
HANK: Yeah. No offence, but your grill is kinda like an iron.
GEORGE FOREMAN: You’re callin’ my grill an iron? I’ve been hit below the belt before, but nothing like this!
HANK: I think it’s a great product for dieters, or little girls who want to play barbecue, but you can’t compare it to a propane-powered grill.
HANK: What? No!
GEORGE FOREMAN: I said, fight’s on! What’s the matter, smellin’ all that propane cause you brain damage? That’s what it does, you know!
HANK: No! That is not accurate! Those studies were all done on sick monkeys! And at least my grill isn’t sold in housewares!

Completely agree with geekwench, got it last time as well and have been using it up a storm. Absolutely love it! For this price, you’re crazy not to get it!

What a great item at a great price! I bought this for family for Christmas,they absolutely love it!!! So far,with winter here,they’ve only used it inside.

One presumes that putting wood chips directly on the heating element would be a very bad idea. Does anyone have experience using a foil wrapped packet of soaked wood chips on the burner for a smoked food taste when using the grill outdoors?

Needless to say, this is not something to try indoors.

Could I not just use a grill pan on my stove top to do the same thing as this?

Sweet!!! Just bought a townhouse and learned propane BBQs aren’t permitted. I am all in. Hope it arrives fast. I close on the 21st.

Sure you could, but do you want six other people hanging around your pan on the stove sucking beers? BTW…I bought two. I am not sure how long the heating element will last and for this price, it almost becomes disposable.

Can this be used table-top (i.e. without the base) – the pictures look like it has feet, but wondered about the radiant heat out the bottom? Thanks!

Who doesn’t need a Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine. In for 1!

Awww, this wittle bitty grill is soooo cute and adorable! Any self-respecting man knows this is just going to get him made fun of when he brings friends and family over for a Sunday BBQ. Bypass this glorified easy bake oven and get a real man’s toy!

You can get that wood smoked flavor by lightly soaking your chips in water and putting them in a metal can (like an empty bean or tuna fish tin) and put it on the element. Makes a nice smoke flavor and since it is “smoke/steam” will smell up your house, but won’t smoke it up.

Where do people who already have this store it when it’s not in use?? That would be my main concern…

Here is what I got from Amazon description…

Can you put charcoal directly on the grill in corners to get flavor?

Damn, I came into this room to see what you all had to say about it. So I decided, OK, I’m in. Go back to buy, and there was a SOLD OUT banner hugging my button :frowning:

This was irritating to read.

I got one for my fiance for Christmas. We’ve had a cold winter so grilling this season had become a chore for him. He once said something about wanting one of the small counter top foreman grills, so I thought what the heck.

He absolutely LOVES it. Then we had some friends come over so we made burritos. He threw on some chicken he had marinated in adobo sauce with chipotle peppers and our guest were vocally impressed, one of them being a male. He asked where I got it, how much, etc. So no, I don’t think men will get laughed at for having this. Nor would I consider my man to lack self-respect. But I guess he’s also a pretty confident guy who would brush off any “haters” as pathetic trolls who care about reeeeeeally mundane crap.

Well that settles it then…thought it might sell out before I had come to a decision :slight_smile:

Mine just came without a drip tray. Looks nice though. Asked woot what to do, they said contact manufacturer, gee thanks woot. Ughh, more time wasted. Be nice if I got a product that actually had the pieces I needed to use it the first time.