George Foreman Jumbo Grill

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George Foreman Jumbo Grill
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Where’s the Monkeys???

I hate to admit that I have this and love it. Burgers from frozen in 6 minutes that taste great…nice for camping

When will they have the primula tea special?

I’m ready to knock out fat and be a mean lean fighting machine

Haha, of course the picture of the packaging is in Spanish! :smiley:

We have a George Foreman grill. Not the jumbo, but I use it in the winter to grill things. Never had a problem with it and ours has to be at least ten years old, maybe even twelve.

Stay clear of non removable grill trays–a PAIN to clean.

It doesn’t say if the grill trays come off. Mine has removable grill trays, so after it’s used, you can just wash the trays, rather than sticking the appliance in the sink.

Appliances in sinks never appealed to me.

“¡Elimine la grasa para lograr comidas más saludables en minutos!”

It’s healthy and teaches you Spanish at the same time ¡Ay Caramba!

Pretty sure this is the same grill at Walmart, also $29, but with free site to store shipping:

Amazon has for $49.99

I think George got jumbo using this grill. Pass

Camping? With power? O_o

49.95 on amazon

EDIT: 49.99 oops

No deal here. Multiple sites have the same model and in different colors for the same price.

hmmm not good. This on on for the same price but with free shipping. Woot! At least GOOGLE these things before pricing them!

edit to add link:

I cheat when I camp, I use an RV

No they aren’t. Just stick a damp washrag in the thing and close it. Wait fifteen minutes then just wipe off all the junk. After it is clean from debris spray the trays and outside with a bit of vinegar to get rid of all the fat/grease splatters. Seriously one of the easiest appliances I have ever cleaned.