George Foreman Jumbo-Sized Countertop Grill

$49.99 over at amazon

And yet $27.00 at Walmart.

With the $5 shipping it becomes $25 here and thus not a great deal. But if you don’t wanna go to walmart to pick it up, nor pay their tax, it works out.

Can this be used as a griddle or panini maker?

$27 at Walmart. Plus, reviews are bad. I remember doing my research on George Foreman grills recently and IMO this is not really a deal.

Our George Foreman has made a great “shelf space saver” for the past 2 1/2 years. I just don’t ever think about pulling it out.

Despite the large size, it doesn’t have temperature control which is pretty useful.

I’ve acquired several contact grills over the years - GF grills heat quickly and being slanted, the grease does drain away. The temperature isn’t adjustable, however, and these don’t have the removable grill plates, making cleanup more cumbersome.

Not as a good one, it won’t. The plates are ribbed and not removable, making a horrible griddle. It can do sandwiches, but without a temperature control, they’re not going to come out right.

Get this instead: Smaller but probably better. I ordered one last week and got it earlier this week. It’s great for cooking burgers indoors. Pretty easy to clean. I suggest you grab the George Foreman sponges on Amazon if you’re going to get one of these grills because they make cleaning a breeze.

The non-removable plates are definitely a huge pain in the ass. I had one of the smaller GF grills (without removable plates), and man, once you cook a steak or chicken breast and have a bunch of gunk left over, it is such a pain to lug that whole grill into the sink to try to wash it out. Definitely try to find one with removable grill plates - makes life so much easier.

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Edit: This is a slightly different model.

I’m not trying to dog on woot today, but my local Goodwills are always full of george foreman grills. I’ve never been tempted to purchase one. Now a crockpot on the other hand…

The lack of removable plates is the downfall for this one. It gets hot quickly however that’s about the only good thing it’s got going for it. It will do in a pinch but I wouldn’t recommend it. I only use it since it came with the roommate but I wouldn’t buy one for myself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’d just been trying to figure that out, and am so glad to hear that the plates aren’t removable. Deal breaker, for me. I already have a GF, and it has the temp controls, and removable plates. Now I see why this one’s twenty bucks.

After using the Foreman with the adjustable temp and removable plates I wouldn’t bother spending the money on any other model. That thing works like a champ. Get it? Like a “Champ”… Ah, I kill me.

I tought it was a laptop. Pass…

Ummm … how many drinks did you have tonight? :slight_smile:

Yeah! And I thought it was a briefcase! With a grease trough!

I don’t know what in the woot! your talking about, hard to clean! I have had a smaller version of this grill for years. Mine has non-removeable plates, which is a breeze to clean while it is hot or still warm. I have never had to bring it anywhere near my sink. Soapy paper towels work great or a non-scratch sponge. Basically, it is the same thing you use on the removeable plates… Bingo!
I am getting this one because it is probably double the size of my original one, which I love. Actually, I’m getting three so my kids can enjoy it also.

Thank you woot!