George Foreman Jumbo-Sized Countertop Grill

just 4hairs cheaper then wallyworld

I have 3 of these things, seems to be a theme for X-Mas that family members gimme. Do everyone a favor, don’t get em one, they already have it. WAAAAAAAAIIIIIT! NOOOO, I’M WRONG. BUY THEM ALL!!! NEXT!!!

Don’t see any temp settings, so it’s just one setting and that’s it? Blaaaaahhhhh

I personally only use 1 for sausage since sausage takes forever to cook generally.
burgers the foremans dry them out too much for me.
But its not a bad deal. I pucked my multi use foreman for 40 Sale. instead of 90 no complaints but storage LOL

Darn. If only I’d waited a couple more days I could have had this one for five bucks more than the champ I just got with twice the grilling area. =(

It is just one setting. I will say it is awesome for shrimp. That is about all I will give it. Well, that and it cleans very easy.

In for 2, gift and a self!