George Foreman Super Champ Electric Grill

This is a great replacement for a grill in the Winter time!

We’ve had this unit for a few years now, we love it. It’s narrow so it dosen’t take up a lot of space on the counter, plus you can cook 4, 1/4lb burgers on it with ease

While I don’t have this exact model, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Grill!!

Super easy to use, burgers come out great and the forky scraper things make clean up a cinch!!

Make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich on this grill–sweet baby jesus that’s good.

I’m amused in that we actually used ours tonight. Good little grill and pretty durable; we’ve had one for almost ten years and it still works great.

Like most people, I love my Foreman grill.

Fun and Easy S’mores: Assemble it and wrap it in foil and just throw them in the grill. (Did it on our small one and they came out perfect.)

Do you have to defrost the food before grilling it on one of these? Thinking chicken breasts, specifically.

This is the greatest invention for cooking! I bought one of these for my wife when we were dating and we still use it! Unfortunately, we paid about 3 times as much for this same thing.

Great product!

I know I’ve heard good things about Foreman grills, but there are a whole bunch of models out there and I’m not sure what I might be passing up if I were to go with this particular unit vs. others (e.g. this unit that I’ve had on my wishlist for some time now on Amazon. Any thoughts?

I’ve got what you might call a mixed review on this one.

On the one hand, the George Foreman line of grills are great for dealing with run off of excess fat, blood, and grease.

On the other hand, if the grill doesn’t have those removable plates and something really gets caked on, then you might have a pain in the toosh of a time cleaning it up. My wife and I had one for years, but once the special scraper broke, it awesome to annoying over night.

Just some things to think about for you out there.


I actually don’t use the scrapers any more… Wet paper towels to get most of it, then a scrub brush for the rest. As long as you clean it with an hour or so after using it, it seems to work well…

I’ve had this model for a few years. Still works fine, but I wish it had removable plates. Cleaning this is a bit of a pain as you have to hold the whole thing over the sink.

I’ve been using this model for the past 11-12 years now. Incredible. The non-stick coating just started coming off a few months ago due to my negligence (waited a few weeks before I cleaned it and food got caked on - the hard scrubbing started chipping away the coating). Otherwise, this is an amazing indoor grill.

If you’re a foul bachelor frog like me though and frequently procrastinate on cleaning, do yourself a favor and get the version with removable plates.

It’s normally $29.99 on their homepage. You can see a list of all the products here:

They don’t appear to have a handy table to make it easy to compare the various versions. I’ve never used one, so i’d be interested in comparisons among models.

Hulk Hogan was offered the spokesman job for this grill. But instead he had the Hulk Hogan blender.

perfect for college students. i own a 84 sq. inch one from walmart and i use it occasionally to cook chicken and burger patties in my dorm kitchen. it is a bit of a pain to clean, but the george foreman sponges will get the job done.

While I love our George Foreman (I have what appears to be this exact model), I’d hold out for the removable grilling trays. I do usually clean it within 30 minutes as others suggest, but it still takes ~10 minutes to clean. I hold it over the sink and get as much off as I can with a sponge, then wipe clean with a paper towel.

Also, I don’t totally buy the fat-drippin’ hype. I’ve cut all the fat off of an already lean cut, and gotten just as many drippings as the fattiest fat I could find. Seems like I actually lose more juice (blood and the like) than fat.

All that being said, $20 is a good investment for an indoor grill replacement (primarily hamburgers and cheap meats).

Oh, I forgot: This makes an excellent panini press.

And one more thing: The drip trays fit corn on the cob perfectly. I served a fancy dinner with corn on the cob on these to a guest, and didn’t even realize what they were until my guest politely pointed out that we were eating off of grease trays.

good deal on this unit. and after missing out on the great bargain on the Wolfgang Puck single cooker thing i am tempted! for inexpensive gifts sake

however i am afraid most in america already own a GF Grille. like an old tv. its sitting back there, just haven’t any need for it in awhile

think i will pass, as much as i love to save money. sure wish i had gotten in on that neato Wolfgang Puck single serving cooker. much more novel imo