George Foreman Super Champ Electric Grill

Is it worth the price?

Wait, is this cheaper than the pot I just bought? George, what happened?

It would be great if they sold the one with the removable, dishwasher safe plates. Alas, it does not seem meant to be.

I just realized how that sounded.

Mmmm, rat whiskers.

George Foreman makes grills?!?!?

$35 on Amazon

If you buy one of these things make sure to keep that drip catcher under the grill, especially if you are cooking on a rug… :frowning:

I love my foreman but this one seems smaller. Also I don’t think I’d go back to using one without the removeable plates for cleaning, very handy.

I have the jumbo size without the removable plates, and it’s no problem to clean.

I just throw a couple of very damp paper towels in it after I take the food out, and come back after the meal. The steam from the paper towels loosens the residue up and it’s easy-wipe, everything just slides off. A wipe with a soapy dishcloth, then with a fresh damp paper towel and voila, all clean and ready to go.

I love the way it cooks chicken, boneless pork chops, and frozen burger patties. If the chops are thick, I cut them so there are two thinner ones instead of a thick one, so they cook faster and get done all the way through more quickly.

Grilled veggies are great on this grill - I’ve done sliced eggplant, red, yellow, and green peppers, and partially-baked, sliced potatoes with great results. Just arrange them, put spices and herbs and a little salt and pepper on everything, and close the grill. Very tasty!

This seems the perfect time to mention my favorite Foreman-type cooker. I am on my second Micro Grill, and I am completely convinced that, although this grill is the one I first used, the Micro Grill also prepares my steakburgers perfectly, meaning fully cooked, and still moist! Of course, the Micro Grill uses the microwave for a couple of minutes, as well as two metal plates in the Micro Grill that can be pre-heated for added cooking power. They used to be available everywhere, but now only on Body by Jake on Ebay for over thirty dollars each. I think that anyone who tries one will be convinced, as I was.

Got one for myself and one as a gift. Nothing but good reviews on these… figured its about time I try it.

I use this item a couple of times a month to grill veggies, particularly eggplant which is a very moist vegetable. Cook the eggplant slices about 1/3 inch thick and after three or four mins, it is ready for your eggplant parmesan recipe and a ton less fat than if you cook in a pan.

Push aluminum foil in the drip tray nice and tight. When you are done ball it up and throw it out. No cleaning the tray ever.

Wow that’s genius. How have I never thought of that.

I do the moist papertowel clean up like the previous poster. It is easy to keep clean, but I only use mine for veggies. Makes great portabellas too.

wait, is this a bidet or not?

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Something tells me that’s not what this is…