George Foreman Super Champ Electric Grill

Places give these away for free…

Should be a requirement for all college dorms.

Where can I get one for free?
I need a good electric grill and don’t want to spend 20 dollars.


I remember picking up three for about this same price ($14 or so/each) a couple of Christmases ago. I kept one for me and gave two as gifts … I absolutely love this thing and use it all the time.

These were wonderful for my son’s in college.

These are actually pretty darned nice. Toss a frozen chicken breast or two in, done in a couple minutes. Works well for burgers and bacon.

If it had a removable grilling surface I’d be all over it…I just remember how hard it is to clean the ones that can’t be removed.

You’re not supposed to do it, but I just straddle mine between the left+right sinks (so it doesn’t get submerged in water) and clean it with soap+water. I’ve never had a problem and I have used it regularly for a couple of years. It’s non-stick, so with soap + running water, it’s no more difficult to clean than a non-stick pan.

Cleaning these are a nuisance! Since it can’t be submersed in water you have to really put some elbow grease into it for the bottom AND top of the grill- other than that, they are great to cook with!

We own one of the originals and while it is great a cooking meat and makes my life easier, cleaning up is always a little rough.

These are awesome! I paid like $50 for this thing years ago, still working strong.

I was thinking about getting one for the “kitchen” at work (they think putting a microwave in a room with a sink makes it a kitchen), but I’m holding out for that George Carlin grill.

Everyone who has one (I do) likes it.

But doesn’t everyone who would want one have one?

Story of how these were almost the Hulk Hogan Grills to entertain you during your Woot Off:
Hulk Hogan’s manager got a call offering him either this grill endorsement or a blender endorsement. He couldn’t get ahold of Hulk at first, and ask the distributor to hang on until he could. When he did get ahold of Hulk, Hulk told him that of course he wanted to endorse the grill, but by the time his manager got back to the distributor, they had offered it to George Foreman, and he accepted. George Foreman sold hundreds of millions of grills, and Hulk Hogan sold thousands of blenders, and he got a new manager.

Now buy three.

I have this same model now and its been going strong for about 9 years now. For 20 bucks I am in for a new one and givng the ex-wife the old one :slight_smile:

My bank used to all the time, and they are the gifts on a lot of mail away orders

I agree. The GFGrill is great but without the removable plates it is time consuming and very difficult to thouroughly clean.
The last one I purchased was from Target and it was $35 and I love it and use it all the time. Easy p z 2 clean and looks as new as the day I purchased!

this grill has 17 sons and they are all named george

Cleaning tip: Put a wet paper towel in the grill and grill it for a few seconds (WATCHING GRILL needless to say). It will absorb almost all the gunk, and a dry paper towel will finish it up nicely. Note that you do not want to scrub the grill with the wet paper towel afterward, unless you’re trying to get steam-cooked fingers.