George Takei Was Here!

Woot there it is

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Ok so the link to the BOC will be in here. Awesome

Oh my!

If we scored a standard BOC today, are the Takei BOC still eligible, or are these LE Birthday BOC?

where did you see that?

George BOCs are the same as other regular BOCs so no, you can’t buy one



And also Happy Birthday WOOT!

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OK awesome, I’ll just keep an eye out for LE ones and enjoy the riddles :slight_smile: Thanks

Oh, well at least I can be here and help unlock it for other people.

If I’m reading that right, I bought a regular BOC earlier today, does that mean I can also get an LE one next time it’s offered?

I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting 15 years for a BOC!

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Hoppy Birthday!

George’s BoC should be special and not ordinary crap!


We’ll keep that in mind for next time. :smiley:


Perhaps I misread “If anyone guesses the answer, we’ll unlock a link to a Bag of Crap for everyone! It’s that easy!” I took that to mean that there is a link will be in the forum. Right?

I’m so excited!! :smiley:
But also I’m bad at riddles.

@ThunderThighs where should I be looking for the LE BOC’s TT?

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Fly it apart then! #sulu


Don’t worry, there are plenty of us so we have got you covered

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String or Nothing- that’s the only riddle answer I know

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