Gerber F.A.S.T. 3.0 A/O Partially Serrated Knife

**Item: **Gerber F.A.S.T. 3.0 A/O Partially Serrated Knife
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Here’s an Informative video from Gerber.

Dang lichme is fast!

I keep blocking that Woot Stalker ad in three ad blockers and it keeps coming back. How? How do I never see it again?

I’m not sure how to prevent the ads, but I can inquire in the morning and see if I can’t find out any information about it.

Hold it – this is a Woot-off? I’m not seeing the flashing lights or anything that says Woof-off. Wootalyzer still shows the Sanyo, but the site shows a knife. Help!

Let’s learn all about the warranty

I like gerber knives, but if you are looking for a slim pocket knife, this one is much slimmer:

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I have to open a lot of boxes at work. I am wondering if this would be a good knife to get. I have to open a box, unpack the contents, break down the box, and open even more boxes.I would like something small that I can either clip on or stick in my pocket.

No. Skip this one.

Lots and lots of negative reviews out there on this knife - google it.

Of particular note - try to look up what steel the blade is made of. Gerber product page? Doesn’t say. Amazon sales? Doesn’t say. Anywhere and everywhere I tried? Doesn’t say. This is the number 1, most HUGE red flag for any knife.

Give this one a miss.

Good info, I would have just bought this due to price and having a Gerber assisted opening knife that has been well worth the money anyway, fast open, decent though not heavy duty blade. I will look at reviews before buying this one.

Yep. Nothing about the type of steel used for the blade usually means something cheap that is hard to sharpen, doesn’t hold an edge and might even rust/pit after a while.

I’ll stick with Cold Steel knives.

You should look at the reviews. It depends upon how much you are willing to spend. You can find much better, more heavy duty, longer lasting knives than this for sure. If we are talking about a “for the money” sort of thing my concern aside from negative reviews would be sharpening the serrated part of the knife, this can be more difficult than a smooth blade knife and if the quality of the steel the knife is made of is less than high end you will be sharpening it much more often than a higher quality steel. If you are going to use it a lot at work I would look in to a higher quality knife. I have a different low price Gerber assisted opening smooth bladed knife I got on sale, did not expect too much but the assisted opening works great, it is fast. It is a decent blade for the price. I have learned not to expect too much from low priced knives and prefer to spend more on fewer high end ones. That said at 15 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping you are risking very little, but you could put that money towards a better knife though. Otherwise the size is pretty good for what you are talking about IMO.
Amazon has a lot of sales on knives. The favorite knives I have purchased from Woot so far has been some CRKT Triumphs. Have got some decent Kershaws from Amazon sales. Like best some more expensive Spyderco and other knives of higher quality though.

I contacted WOOT about it. I isn’t in there best interest to stop. you can block it on your computer but it blocks all the others and then all the other sites won’t open and what a mess. right now the other sites store there information on your computer.

I have this knife it does not stay sharp.

Remember when Gerber just made pablum and pacifiers?

The description lists the blade as being “Stainless” so it’s most likely 4034 or 440A or somewhere in between, or perhaps 8Cr13MoV which are the lower end Stainless Steel types used on low-end knives.

These type of knives generally become “butter knives” with regular use and constantly need sharpening.

For good knife steel, you want 440B, or the Japanese equivalent, AUS-8A

Upper end (and expensive) would be 440C, AUS-10A or VG10 but these are just a few examples of knife steel, but the most commonly used.

Also, the “Rockwell Hardness Scale” should be between 57-60. If the steel is too soft, it won’t hold an edge. If the steel is too hard, it will be hard to sharpen and prone to chipping and might even shatter into shards if misused.

A good knife blade will have quality Stainless Steel with a blend of other metals such as Vanadium, Carbon, Chromium, Nickel, etc…and will be sub-zero quenched or cryogenically quenched for added strength and durability.