Gerber Knives: Not for Babies!

US or Chinese blade?

My understanding is that if a product isn’t stamped with a COO, and it is NOT domestically made (ie; conforming with “Made in USA” laws) it is in direct violation.
No stamp is presumed domestic.

…I would brag about it, were it my product… It’s suspicious. I bet it’s Chinese.

The Descent model lists it metal as being 7Cr17MoV SS which is Chinese Stainless Steel. Although the other two knives here don’t specify the metal, I would think at this price point it is pretty safe to assume Chinese origin.

For future reference:

The descent II states “partially serrated” blade, but the pic shows not a serrate anywhere on it. which is correct?

PDF showing zip code restrictions for NY doesn’t work…Double fail…
1)because I have to check that list…Shameful on many levels…
2) Because woots link isn’t working.

Buyer says they’re Chinese.

The pic. Sounds like our folks got the wrong information on the Descent. It’s fine-edge and not serrated.

I’m sorry for the error. If you need to change the status or your order as a result of this, please send an email to

Apologies again.

More knives from Cold Steel please.


I have a Gerber knife I carry daily that has the fast opening feature. It’s a great knife (not one of the ones listed) but be aware that some places may consider it a switchblade. I think it’s silly, but it’s true…

The “22-41971 Answer Knife” uses 440A SS - which makes it basically a butter knife.

440A is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Stainless Steel. Avoid.

Received my Answer knife in the mail today and am not impressed. The knife overall feels cheap. The lock button feels like it will fail at any time and it’s not as fast opeing as some of my other assisted opening knives. Expectations were low based on specs and price point so I’m not terribly disapointed.