Gerber Multi Tools

A good multitool is essential. Which of these fits your style?

Ah for crying out loud, out of stock the moment I see it again :frowning:

Tell me about it! I’ve been trying to grab the Pro Scout w/ toolkit for ages! I think it’s finally time to bite the bullet and just but it for slightly more on Amazon…

The two good ones were sold out in five minutes. I think they were trying to snag some impulse buyers.

I passed on these when I saw the difference from Amazon. Yes, it may be a 50% discount from MSRP, but its only a 12% discount from normal internet pricing.

The Bluntman Black tools are what I was issued by the U.S. Army about 9 years ago. We beat the ever-loving heck out of the things and they worked like a charm, the only major downside is that there is a serrated straight blade instead of an actual saw like on many Leatherman brand tools.

They sold out fast for good reason. Still worth the price at full cost. Also recommend the Gerber ‘Profile’ knife as a very reliable and solid blade

Same here! I keep looking out for these to replace my rusty one and they always sell out of the one I need before I take my daily glance.

Which one of these would you guys recommend for the average joe? All these models seem confusing.

eh, cheaper with prime.

Which ones are the good ones? Missed out last time because I spent too much time trying to figure out what all the differences were…

Hey Woot, these things have a bladed edge, so no shipping to NY right?

I went for the Grappler as it is unique since it has locking pliers. This will be my fourth Gerber Multitool. They have all been great and I think Gerber makes the best ones out there. Too bad Gerber moved all of their blade production outside of the USA. Kinda killed their knife line for me. Will stick with their multitools though! I wish Spyderco would come out with some multitools! They would be awesome!

I don’t see a restriction on the sale so it appears it is ok.

Hey, that’s not funny.

I’ve had the Pro Scout (sans toolkit) on my hip every day for 15 years. I feel naked without it, like I lost my wallet or keys.

I’ve managed to chip the flat head screwdrivers prying things I shouldn’t have, but that’s the only thing wrong with it. I’ve used it as a hammer, a pick axe, and even cut down a 4" tree when someone convinced me to go somewhere I couldn’t get out of in my truck. The single-handed, wrist-flick slide open makes it very easy to be very useful. I recommend.

“HAD” the multi-plier 600. Not something I would bet my life on. Not very sturdy and blades, bits break easy. After a couple years, it was like a GM product from the 80’s. You didn’t know what was going to break next and you couldn’t depend on it to start… and it felt like it was coming apart in your hands. Then Gerber said it was not their falt. I’ll stick to leatherman knives. They are issue now and hold up to abuse.

ANd just like ICRF, I had the same issue plus the saw wore out. The metal used is just too soft for heavy use. But looks pretty in the pictures. Just saying.

That’s the loophole as this is a “multitool” device - if it would had been a Gerber “KNIFE”, then it would be a no go. It’s all about semantics.

I have 2 Gerber’s , a SOG or 2, and a Leatherman.

SOG wins on strength, and I’m havig trouble trusting Gerber. It’s getting harder to find U.S. made gerbers as they’re going “international” - which means CHINA.

I’ll buy when they state the country of origin.

It has been nine days and still no shipping or tracking number. What gives Woot!? Am I getting a Flick or not?