Gerber Obsidian Knife / Multi-Tool

Woot really needs to start including country of origin for the blades on knives. If it’s not marked say so (basically means china).

Basically if it wasn’t made in the US, Japan, or Germany that knife will never be bought by me.

A handful of great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Some additional info and reviews can be found over at

It’s 15 bucks dude, what do you expect. Lay off woot. Go shop at a knife store and throw down some cash if you want one for your collection. I’ll get 15 bucks worth out of this one, guaranteed.

Thanks for taking the time to post. I’ve passed your idea up the chain. I’ll post an update when I hear more about the country of origin on this knife.

For now:
This says that all Gerber products are made in Portland, OR.

I have the version of this knife with the partial serrated blade. I carry it every day. It’s a great knife!

Well…good for you I guess. For others, I’ll opine that the country in which a blade was made means very little. What matters is what that blade is made of and how it’s engineered. For example, I own a supremely sharp and durable set of kitchen knives made of X50CrMoV15 “German” steel. Country of manufacture? China.

You can buy great blades or awful blades from just about any nation. The name of the nation just isn’t relevant. These Gerbers? They may be made in China. Heck if I know. But I do know that they are designed and engineered here in the USA and made to spec regardless of where it is they are manufactured. And the next “bad” Gerber blade I buy will be the first. Gerber makes fine knives.

If the blade wasn’t serrated in Germany, Japan, or the USA, you are probably carrying it everyday all wrong.

Plus it has a Lifetime Warranty.

I don’t care where the knife is made, I care if it cuts what I need it to cut, holds a sharp edge like my wife’s rapier wit before her morning coffee and if it lasts longer than a lap dance (I may read the menu but I know to eat at home).

Somehow, I am pretty confident I’ll get more than my $15 out of this deal - In for three! woot! C’mon, it is $15 . . . it can break off in the carcass and I am not going to care.


If you don’t take a stand on where your knives are made, then head back on over to Walmart and buy the cheapest knife you can find. Woot! is a deal site, not a “China knock off” site. So saying “It’s only $15” doesn’t hold any value. Saying “It’s only $15 AND it’s made in America!” is what separates a worthwhile Woot! deal from a “Meh, I could find it cheaper at Walmart” Woot! deal.

an Obsidian Knife?

This would be so useful were I on the other side of the Wall and fighting the whitewalkers.

two screw driver blades do not make it a multi-tool, my swiss army knife has more than that.

So if they added the toothpick or or corkscrew, that would get you going? And the knife implement on your awesome Swiss army knife really part of your imagination…

Chinese metals are notoriously inconsistent in quality & content.

= one batch of material to be used in knives/axles/tools/whatever may be 100% within spec for content & properties (ductility, elasticity, malleability, strength, etc etc)
Then the next batch misses spec by a mile.

China also uses their own alloy specs that are sometimes similar, but different from the alloy specs US Manufacturers use.

I own plenty of Chinese tools & parts,
but even today you are throwing the dice in terms of getting what you think you are getting.

That’s why a good manufacturer will do extensive quality control on all their Chinese made products.

umm…it kinda does. I mean, what’re you going to call it? A swiss army knife?? It’s not swiss. Its not for the army. Knife-with-multiple-tools.ya, that has a great ring to it.

Knife Hog has good things to say.

according to this website, the Obsidian’s country of origin is China.

Gerber website says “Imported”. Amazon’s description says “China”.®-Obsidian-Knife/dp/B001C5XLJO

Still, it gets great reviews and for $15, I may have to get one.