Germ Guardian Digital Air Purifier



$47.00 for replacement filters FYI



This is actually a good product. I bought one a couple weeks ago and am kicking myself that it’s so cheap on woot now.


So there’s a 3rd one eh?

Shame it’s not either of the ones I saw in the store 2 days ago. Digital controls are ugh.

Been shopping for an air filter/purifier, not many are cleanable filters and the ones with high CADR ratings cost at least $300.


Bought one last week, seems to be working great.

Normal dB rating in my house is 16dB. When turned on max (5 speed) db is 38db. According to Noise Meter android app. I’m a hard sleeper and 1 doesn’t bother me but it does seem about twice as loud as a computer.

5 - 38dB
4 - 34dB
3 - 30dB
2 - 28dB
1 - 24dB

Could be placebo affect but I do think I’m sleeping better and nose/throat no longer stuffy in morning. We have 2 dogs.


Unfortunately, I can’t use this. I still have analog air.


this falls squarely in the “a sucker born every minute” category. I can’t believe people buy this stuff. I have to assume the people who bought this also rely on dream catchers, magnetic bracelets, chiropractors, tooth brush sanitizing lights and voodoo dolls.


34dB on max measured from 8 ft away. Sounds like a loud fan but it’s doing it’s job.


If this is sold out, why aren’t they changing the product?


You obviously don’t have allergies. If you keep a bedroom door closed and one of these running at night or 24/7 it will help.


So what’s the plan, to stay in your bedroom with an “air filter” running all the time? Or strap it on back-pack style and fashion a face mask for it? Might as well also try having your chakras cleansed, or maybe acupuncture, or some ground up horn of soon-to-be-extinct whatever.

But if you actually want your allergies to go away go to a doctor and get an allergy panel and a prescription for good old fashioned clinically proven, scientifically developed medicine.

Like I finally did after I was done wasting my time with “air filtering” fans and other such nonsense.


Unlike chakras, we know that air, dust, and hair actually exist. And as evidenced by the particles on my filter, this air purifier seems to do a pretty good job of removing them. I live in an old dusty house with a smoker and three cats, so it’s nice to have some of the dander and junk removed. Why would I need to subscribe to superstition to want cleaner air?

I’m a fan of modern medicine too, but I don’t think air filters deserve to be in the same category as rhino horns and acupuncture. The activated carbon filters operate on principles similar to those utilized in water treatment, and UV light is used in microbiology labs to destroy microorganisms. (I’ve worked in a water treatment lab and a genetics lab, so I’ve seen these technologies in action.) Have you ever used a filter for tap water? Would you consider that pseudoscience too?

Also, it’s not always so easy to get diagnosed with allergies. I went to get panels done a couple of times, and the doctors told me that the results were inconclusive across the board. In the meantime, I try to keep the dust in my room to a minimum and I carry an inhaler with me just in case. Don’t worry - It’s a real albuterol inhaler, not some kind of coltsfoot/sage cocktail.