Germ Guardian Digital Air Purifier

I’d like to buy it but my air is analog.

Ive wanted an air purifier for sometime but maybe its OCD or having some sort of insanity, I always cant help to think “what will I do when the filter wears out? will I have to buy a new one relatively soon? what if they no longer make them?” So does anyone know, how long filters last for these things and about how much they cost?

From reading comments in previous woots for this, the filter needs replaced every 3-4 months.

Does anyone know how this differs from the Germ Guardian AC5250 offered in May for the same price? The model name for today’s item is AC5250BPT. The Guardian website only lists the AC5250PT.

I’m going to guess all of these are previous woots, all $99.99 like now, going most recent to oldest: from May

They differ in terms of model numbers. Hope this helps!

One last comment. The product website lists the 5250PT as a current product.
When you look for a manual,

they only list the 5250 as a current product. My guess was that these are the same product, taking a look at the previous woots, but I’m not 100% sure.

5250 manual (now, and this is what also was linked from woot in May)

and FAQ:

I might get this just to see how it compares to the ionic breeze or the Orek.

I have actually owned 3 different brands of filters in the past 10 years.
The first one was an ionic breeze. Which actually worked really well. I react badly to cigarette smoke and at the time I was in an apartment building and had neighbours who smoked. The iconic breeze helped a great deal. You could actually see it pulling in the smoke.

I later moved into a house and the wiring was not good and it fried the ionic breeze. So I bought another one. After 5 years that one died as well and I ended up getting some thing cheaper. It was q some thing, I forgot the name. Any way it was not very good at all. I then got an Orek as my friends were saying those are better filters. So I got one and it is running right now. The only issue I have with the Orek is the filter is hard to clean and because it is hard to clean I have already had to replace it. They call the filter a Truman(spelling?) cell. It is not some thing that really should need replacing. Any way it does seem to work just as well as the ionic breeze though.

$5 cheaper on amazon

What is the air flow rate? Even if the filter efficiency if 99.7% it will not clean all of the air in a room unless the flow rate is high enough.

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Well crap. I paid $140 for the 5000B model after I missed the 5250BPT sale a couple weeks ago. And now it’s back. I guess I should have waited.

It seems to be a great purifier, though. I’ve only had it running for two days, and this is what the filter looks like:

This is a great air filter! We’ve used the AC5000 for 2 years now and now that we moved into a bigger place, we (my wife and I) have been wanting to get another one. The filters are sold at Target so it’s easy to find replacement filters there. really happy to see this woot because we almost bought it for $160 at Target last week!

Is there anyone who knows why woot only offers 3 years warranty instead of 5 years on the company website?
Additional Features
CADR rated 120+
Digital Controls for Easy Operation
Quiet operation
5-year limited warranty

Seems to be a different, smaller model.

Woot and now both charge CA tax.

I’m a little confused about how there were, from the looks of it, a lot of buys right when this was posted, and ZERO since then…

Is one of these other comments turning everybody off or something?

No, look at all of the websites for woot. When the daylight savings change screwed up the comments section, they got that back but stopped putting out sales data from 2 a.m. Central (new time).