Germ Guardian Digital Air Purifier



Guard my germs!


$10 cheaper on Amazon?


Thats the AC4825 Model. The model that woot is selling is the AC5250 model.


That was for the 22" version not the same model. This model is 139 on Amazon


Received the unit last night and ran it overnight with no issues. Room smelled sanitized in the morning (no, not like harmful ozone).

About an hour ago I went to do some vacuuming for a while and during the process (about 7 minutes after) I hear a loud pop in the room. Turn off vacuum and I smell wood burning.

Needless to say, I started to panic.

Long story short, something in this unit exploded from electrical current. I could hear something moving around in the top part of the housing (where the controls are) when I moved the unit around. Upon attempting to turn it on again (via a UPS so nothing happened to the house wiring in case something went wrong), the unit exhibited a buzzing sound, but still appeared to work (UV included).

I am in the process of contacting the company about this.

I sure hope the unit doesn’t cause any house fires for other people.

I do have another air purifier that was running at the same time and on the same circuit as the vacuum which is absolutely fine. (it also uses a 3 prong wire, something this device does not have) No idea what was wrong with this one.

Also, Woot’s description claimed it was new. THe manual said to open the back panel of the unit and take the filter out of a bag and install it. The filter was already installed and there was no bag they speak of. The box also shows a “only at target” logo. I can’t say for sure if it was used or not, but this sure wasn’t a pleasant experience.


I started to panic just reading this. Keep us posted, and if you get any hassle, please contact asap!