Get A Television

OMg I wish I waited and got this size instead of the 40". Still figuring out where I’m going to put it.

I’ve been happy with my smaller LG TV, and have been thinking about getting a 42". The price on this one is certainly nice. But only one HDMI port – seriously? Is this a thing now?

Edit: decent-ish reviews on amazon. It’s pretty bare-bones, but I guess people are happy with what they got for their money.

Sorry to say it, but the Samsung UN55F6300AFXZA is available new for only $70 more with free shipping at Best Buy.

Don’t let the 240 CMR vs 120 refresh confuse you. It is the same set and has a 120hz refresh rate.

Samsung says:

120Hz refresh rate

Watch fast-moving movies, sports and video games with a minimum of motion blur.

Clear Motion Rate 240

Enjoy fast-moving movies, sports and video games with great motion clarity

I bought the same TV, refurbished, from a woot plus deal a few weeks ago for 759.

Just to add, its a great TV as I am staring at it now while my house is pelted with sleet and snow

Where do you see the price for $70 more at Best Buy?

Best Buy has it listed at $999.99 ?

Actually it would be 70 + taxes and for me that would be 129.99 more if I bought from Best Buy period.

woot charges me tax…They no charge you tax?

Woot is now required to collect sales tax for orders shipped to AZ, CA, CT, GA, IN, KS, KY, MA, NC, NJ, NV, NY, PA, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI, and WV.

You can get it new from Samsung for $30 more… $999

More states to come as their governments all line up for money grabs.

The 70 inch is not really a good deal especially if you get the 199 squaretrade warranty. That takes it up to 1499 which is the same price walmart is currently selling it new. The Walmart one would be brand new and if you have any troubles you could take it back to the store . Here you would have to ship it back which I can only imagine would be a pain in the butt…

Headed to walmart now! This would need to be 999 to be worth the risk

The 55 inch Vizio seems over priced. I googled E550i-A0 and apparently Walmart has been selling it for $448. They are out of stock with it at that price of course. Woot normally does better than this deal.

My kids bought me a 13" COBY for Xmas the year before last and it’s a real dog. Wasn’t refurbished or anything - they got it at Best Buy. Hard to set up and the remote died within a week. I’d pass on that brand. Just saying…

Vizio outlet sells the exact VIZIO E550i-A0 55" for $490

They are out of stock at Vizio outlet for now, but they always add more so just keep checking.