Get a writer with something to say instead of something to prove


Whoever the smart alec writer is for woot isn’t impressing me. You can tell she/he is more concerned with showboating their english language skills than with accurately describing the product. What about those who were not born in this country and have had enough of a struggle as it is? Or those who were not fortunate enough to have rich parents. It turns me off so much that I stop reading the descriptions, and instead waste my time complaining about it. I would much prefer a drunk homeless foreigner writing the copy than to someone who is obviously so full of themself.


It’s one woot’s mysterious marketing model tactics- they actually don’t have one and been winging it ever since- whatever looks good they stick to. I usually use google/froogle to get the reviews. Unfortunately, there are people who love to review but never even used the product- thats my pet peeve. I never got turned on or off by the descriptions… thats another story.


Product specifications are usually found at the end of the description, following the purple prose. Other online retailers usually stick in some overblown ad copy to get you to buy products; IMHO, woot simply is a little more tongue-in-cheek about it.

If you have enough patience to wade through the forum discussion for each product, someone usually will post a link to a review, or post their own personal review of each product. The wootbot message (the first or second in each product’s forum discussion) will link to the more useful ones.

You never know, maybe the copy is written by drunk homeless foreigners. Their command of the English language is often better than the natives!


//sets fire to gigglesnort


Not even a little tingle?

C’mon, you can tell me.

Are you sayin’ you never snuck your laptop down your pants?

FWIWITOM: Toonerz is a great writer.

Sucks as a p-chop judge… nevertheless a great writer.


//smothers flames off of gigglesnort
//re-ignites the flames


If there was a party in my pants, my laptop wouldn’t be invited- plus it’s a huge 17 incher- wouldn’t fit. runs away


Hmmm . . . this post requires a woman’s . . . er . . . touch . . . <backs away slowly>


Just be gentle… whisper some of Toonerz night copy to it…


What’s the refresh rate on that monitor?


6.9 Ghoz (giggle-ho’s)


Yes! Yes! The GeegleSnort, he speaks to me! I speet on you, the Jason Toon, for mocking me weeth your fancy shmancy talking! If I were not so drunk with the alcohol, I would crawl out from under thees bridge and geev you thee beezness!




As a feller in Mississippi once said to me, “You ain’t from aroun’ here, don’tcha?”





I love the write ups. In the morning I always read the write ups because they are so funny. Keep them.


Obviously a French homeless person.

I love the write-ups. I’ve never seen a rule where yu have to read them in order to order. I find it very easy to skip over them if I’m in a hurry. You just scroll down to the specs. Not hard at all.