Get Big!

I bought the Core Abs Trainer. Big Regret. Piece of bad smelling uselessness

I bought the Thunderbell program one of the times it was up late last year.

In support of the program: I really feel like it is a total body workout. By going at the pace they do on most of the videos I feel like I get a good dose of cardio, and various muscles are sore the day after (in a good way). So I do in general thus far endorse it.

But: Being realistic, don’t think you’re going to come away sculpted like they are in a matter of a couple months unless you’re already relatively fit. I’ve been using it since November, and while I feel I’ve built muscle and it’s a good variation into my routine, I’m still roughly the same basic shape. The disclaimer to that of course is that I have not been following their diet plan suggestions, and a lot of that time was around the holidays.

I’m only through the first video though, have not moved on to “advanced” yet. Thus far he’s not as obnoxious as other folks have made him out to be, though he is a little. I think of some of it more that he’s trying to be goofy to make it more fun thus far.

I am pretty pleased with the purchase. Even if I ditch the videos long run, after learning some of the motions I can do with this thing I figure I can come up with my own routines or modifications to better suit my needs.

Oh, and if you see options for the lighter one, just get the heavier one unless you’re a real weakling. (There was a 6 LB and a 10 LB version when I bought) A few of the early/basic motions got to be easy, I can only imagine it would be too easy if I bought the light one.