Get Caffeinated

Does the teapot come with the tea?

This sale is for the teas. Teapot not included.

They are fixing the sale now since all the features were missing.

I used to have that exact burr grinder and LOVED it! When it died the company informed me it had been discontinued.
After much weeping on my part, they took pity and gave me a new model at a discounted price.
It didn’t have the one feature I loved, the setting for the number of cups.
Oh god, what should I DO?!

Oh wait. It was a Capresso not Krups.

Never mind.

Still a GREAT feature

I bought the Capresso here on Woot a while ago.

I would recommend anyone interested in it to check the reviews at Amazon.

It may be worthwhile at this price; I wouldn’t buy it for $20.

Sooo, the coffee by the cup brewer…does that just keep the coffee hot without making it taste scorched and gross like a regular hot plate/carafe brewer? If so, I could get behind that because I tend to nurse my coffee and it is always turning off and getting cold before I’m done for the day. If I could keep it hot in this and just pull out one cup at a time and have it taste better, that would be ideal.

Be careful with the coffee-by-the-cup maker. I did some research and there are numerous reports of it leaking after a few weeks. So many I decided against buying it.

Can you please tell us where the coffee mugs were made?