Get Creative

Nice inspiration collection. I like Inky.

Does print to order mean that they will be made the way the back catalog is rather than the top 20 and such?

Print to order just means that it’s not stocked and will be printed after the sale is over.

The quantity sold will be the determining factor whether the shirts will be DTG or screen printed. Joel has mentioned that 25+ is about when screen printing makes more sense because of the setup process involved …

Why no 2XL option on the “Make your own Luck” hoodie? Also, why no print to order on pullover hoodies? Oh, the money you would get out of me…

Is there a way for a discerning purchaser to know which is the case before they buy (aka what are the current sales figures)

Well, there’s the old way of noting the sales number before and comparing it to the current …

Or the newer way, which is to check WootStalker

One of my favorite shirts is Artistic Growth. It would make a great cover for one of the new journals!

Why does “make your own luck” shirt go to $18.00 when you click on it?

I let the guys know, and for the record, I see the same thing on two different browsers. We’ve run into a similar issue in the past, and it seems as though it’s a really intermittent thing. I’d recommend checking back in a little while.

thank you! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!