Get Fit Without Leaving Home

Just received the Youth H2O I purchased from woot. 2 things so far about the H2O…
First, all of mine have an expiration date of 10/2013 so make sure you check them and use them soon if you are someone who takes heed to expiration dates.

Second, I would almost rather lick the hot sun than gulp one of these things down. They are the same size of a 5 hour energy drink so it’s over fast.

Still, I feel like Professor Dumbledore when he has to swallow all of the Drink of Despair in that cave to get one of the Horcruxes.

Here is a Consumer Reports evaluation of the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker:
They definitely didn’t think it was worth $99 and the diet plan that goes with it does NOT get their seal of approval. They probably wouldn’t think it was worth $20 either, but you might disagree.

if you guys had the tower 200 i would be all over that

I purchased the Step360 Pro trainer. What I received was not the pro, but the standard model, which is smaller and less sturdy. Still, it was $100 cheaper than the Pro model, so I’ll probably keep it, but it’s something to keep in mind for those who ordered it. The box also looks like it got in a fight with a dog before delivery.

I’m sorry to hear you received the wrong item! If you decide you’d like to return, make sure to email Woot Member Services with your user name and order number.