Get Furry

“You Have to Try This Guys”

My #1 favorite shirt and a great wear for Easter Egg hunts.

I think I’ll buy my third one.

Purple shirts are the best shirts.

Just got back from a furry convention that lacked in internets.

Ah, Woot. We love you. :3 I’ll even pick up one’a those purple foxies so I can show off a rare item when I go to cons. I saw 3 other Saying-foxes just this weekend and about 30-40 people (350 person con) wearing Woot shirts throughout it. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Email me, Woot, and I’ll help you pick some awesome stuff for a fox-themed side sale. :wink:

Eggplant forever!

Would love to see eggplant and other shades of purple more often.

That wouldn’t be all of the fox shirts, now, would it? :slight_smile:

(Pondering if The Quick Brown Fox, which I was wearing last night, could use a remake or not …)

Of course not! It could have an original shirt (which might not normally get a daily but would be popular with that crowd), it could have various alternate items of some of the more popular designs (for example I don’t have a fablefire fox pullover/zip hoodie), and it can bring back items that existed before and many people missed out on (such as the gitd lightweight hoodie which I’d totally buy a backup of cuz I love it). Stuff like that. :slight_smile:

Quick Brown is a Woot classic, but it’s personally one of my three least favorite fox shirts at this point. There’s so many more. But in terms of generating sales, the ‘Woot classic’ crowd is probably something to target.

But one thing Woot should realize about furries is that it can take a little while for things to spread. Many of them only use word-of-mouth to find their fun stuff, they don’t check this place regularly even though they know it gets awesome furry stuff from time to time. And it can take about a week or two to actually grab their attention.


You Weren’t Invited is definitely my favorite. Brings back memories…

Not my fault if some humans can’t handle a good licking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit;; I agree with Tobias. There’s a surprising lack of centralization in the furry community, meaning that it can take quite a bit of time for anything to move through it. Whereas the Brony community has a few capacious websites such as Equestria Daily (allowing the brony fandom to become renowned for its immediate and often amicable reaction to sales events, voting polls, etc.), the furry community, while perhaps larger (and certainly more established), is much slower to react.
Just some 1:00 A.M. ramblings, I suppose. Sure beats the hell out of Accounting homework. >_>

Thanks, Woot! Us Furries love you guys too :slight_smile: