Get High Def with Blu-ray

Any idea what the AWG (avg wire gage) is on the HDMI cable?

I’m looking at getting an HDMI switch from Monoprice that splits out the audio signal at the switch to avoid the “stereo handshake” issue with the TV. The switch “highly recommends” using 24AWG HDMI cables.

What features do you look for in a Blu-ray player?

Read the AMAZON 21 Reviews Terrible is all I can say do not buy

I think I am going to wait until Sony announces the PS4 and watch the prices for PS3 drop out the bottom. Very few standalone BR players get good reviews, and the ones that do are still pricey (>$100).

in regards to the “Samsung BD-EM57C/ZA Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi”

I have one of these in my living room and I will say it is not at all worth the retail price sticker. The Smart Hub is unbearably slow to load and any samsung app is equally as slow. With my laptop or ipad on the same wireless network I can open netflix, browse for a show, and begin an episode before the Samsun BD player has finished starting up Netflix. On top of that, the NETFLIX button on the remote seems 100% useless… if I connect to netflix via the netflix button, I always receive an error message saying that there is no connection. If I go through the slow smarthub then pick netflix, it will load.

Also, on the topic of Netflix, there is a good chance it will not work at all until you adjust the settings (

Overall, it’s not a great machine, but I may purchase one for my bedroom just because it’s $45.

AWG - American Wire Gauge

I’m looking for one without a refurbished label and some good product reviews.

Some of these models that have been showing up on Woot lately have really shady reviews on other sites.

In reference to the 3D blueray w/apps, it works great, and when I purchased this from woot last month, all the negative feedback was from those that purchased them “new”… those that bought refurb had no problems! Refurbs have “gone through” the bad times and have been fixed! I’ll always get a refurb if offered, as the problem with them has been resolved. People that have problems with this player bought it new and need to return with warranty, as it is a great product, if you get the refurb!

I just got one of these during the recent woot-off, and the only thing I’m bummed about so far is that it is so much cheaper via this deal than it was for me ($75, heat of the moment purchase!)

When I first connected, it installed updates. Apparently, this included a firmware update from early January which actually cleared up a lot of issues people had complained about (according to a Amazon review).

Anyway, the point is so far I’m happy. Things seem to load fast enough. I am plugged in via ethernet since I’ve noticed with other devices that being plugged in via cable always helps things load faster (who woulda thunk it).

I haven’t used the disc player yet - dvd or blu ray. If there’s any problem, I’ll update this

I’d say its less about the fact that its refurbished and more about the firmware update that got pushed. If you bought this in 2012, and you have issues, check for updates.


I have to agree, the best BR player is a PS3. It’s fast, kept updated, and does a lot more than just play BR (stream videos and play games, for example).

What I would like from Woot is a good region free upscaling DVD player with HDMI upconversion.

Is the sound/volume “adequate” (not looking for a room-shattering sound but something that can bring some volume) and does the blu-ray player provide a nice hi-res picture output? Does the wireless work well? Have you tried the 3D? On the fence on this! Thanks.

Well, that’s pretty clear. Heh.

Sound is normal… I have connected to surround, as I don’t recommend anything through just TV speakers… but not “lower” sound than everything else, very “equal”.

Picture is flawless! Crisp, smooth, hi res and great 3d video! Wireless isn’t lightening fast, but isn’t slow either… I’d say its fairly normal… no apparent “wait time” on anything.

For the price, it’s a great machine… in other words, if this one is this good, I can’t imagine how good the high end ones are! I would, however, like to see more wooters comments on this that got it over the past month, as I did… to see if this was a “good batch”, as all the negative comments when I got, were all “new”, and this player was NOT ready when it was released… and that’s WHY there are so many refurbs… everyone returned it! But, they obviously fixed the issues and re-released them as refurbs. Happy I waited on a 3d player due to the high prices, and this was a bang for the buck! :slight_smile:

Completely agree. Mine has been flawless since I got it last month from woot. Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, YouTube, BR, DVD all run/look flawless. What shocked me was that this ships WITH the HDMI cable! Granted, you can get one from Monoprice for under $5, but free is free and it works fine. No remote batteries, which was odd, but you probably have a ton of AAAs anyway and they’re a lot cheaper than an HDMI cable. This is probably my favorite buy from woot, after the whiskey stones.

RE: Samsung Blu-ray player:

Concur with the bad reviews. I got one when it was $70. It is the most frustrating brand-name device I’ve ever owned.

The “Smart Hub” is so painfully slow it drives me crazy. Same for the basic start-up. I did the updates as soon as I started it up, but if it was a performance improvement, I’d hate to see how it worked prior to.

It is the kind of device that doesn’t respond to input, so you don’t know if it “heard” you.

After I got an Onkyo AV receiver, things got worse. The Samsung keeps handshaking with the receiver, meaning, while I am watching Blu ray discs, the screen goes momentarily black every minute or so.

I contacted Woot, and, bless them, they sent a replacement. Unfortunately it’s a lemon too.

I agree with other posters who say the Netflix et al. apps are frustrating and slow. So true. Luckily I use a Roku and the TV apps for that, so it’s less of an issue for me.

I suspect there is a reason there are so many refurbs of this series on the market. I’ve seen them on Woot several times since I got mine.

Some posters aren’t complaining about the slowness, so maybe some are worse than others. But I’ve gotten two and they have both been dogs.

In summary, if you intend to use this as your primary streaming interface, or if you want to watch discs more than a couple times a month, or if waiting for a device to respond to your input frustrates you, or unless you are broke and can barely afford $50 for a disc player, I recommend staying away from this and coughing up more cash for a unit that simply works like a modern device should.

You will be much happier over the long haul.

PS: Sorry to bust on this one, Woot. You were awesome to send a replacement. They were turkeys, though. I’m gonna buy a Panasonic on Amazon.

Pay just a little more and get a Sony BDP-S590 model from Amazon, one of the highest rated Blu-ray players there. Great list of features, plus get $5 for Amazon movie rentals if you are a Prime member (I have free trial right now) This is a Wi-fi 3D model, with tons of positive reviews. For what you get, the price cannot be beat in my book.

Edited to add: I am so impressed I just ordered another one for the master bedroom… after writing the above.

Oh yeah, forgot to say the $94.99 price only lasts another 4 days, then the $50 instant manufacturer’s rebate expires. Looks like they increased the Amazon video freebie now to $20 too.

it doesn’t matter. The HDMI standard accounts for what it can “handle”. There is no improvement by buying thicker wire.

why doesn’t woot sell new blu ray players? and most of the time a good portion of other electronics are refurbished. why is that? i would think people would rather have something thats new, even if it cost a little more. i know i would pay more.