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Does the dude using the Iron Arms product look extremely sun burnt?

If the muscle pharm assault is the same from the woot seller on Amazon (expires in August) that I bought last week then the powder will be damp and hard. Check out the reviews.

Photos should be changed
I purchased the Ultimate kit, came with green bag instead of black and the small door anchor is not as pictured - it’s just a black strap without the red cradles

I tried contacting lifeline repeatedly and never got a reply about the difference.

I purchased this 60lb set because elite sold out - just because I wanted the pictured door jam and also another pair of handles. The weights of this set are absolutely useless.

What came was another green bag “tactical fitness” which I believe is what this kit was like several years before the photos (like 2011ish)

And again the door strap is just a nylon without the red plastic. This strap is less than useless.

So - seperately, I see the red bands individually now and when I bought the Ultimate there were the red bands individually and the simple handle with red band - both items were $2.99 and I had 3 with handle in cart but they sold out.

More of the Handle/single strap deals available at some point??

Hmmm. If you didn’t seem to receive what was pictured in the sale, please get in touch with CS at Don’t forget to include your order details along with your situation. Sorry for the mix-up!

What you are actually getting