Get Maine Lobster - Jonah Crab Claw Kit

Get Maine Lobster - Jonah Crab Claw Kit
$124.99 $249.99 50% off List Price
10 lbs (70 to 80 full claws per 10 lbs) fresh-frozen Maine Jonah Crab Claws
Cocktail Sauce (9 oz)
2 Crab Mallets

Orders will ship on Tuesday, November 10th, for delivery on Wednesday, November 11th.

This seems to be the standard price for this item, not an actual deal, unless I am missing something.

It is $139.99 for 10 pounds at Foodydirect after shipping, $130 at Luke’s Lobsters after shipping, $110 at Sweetjack, and $129.99 at Get Main Lobster after shipping.

Regardless. These look super tasty. Anyone purchased them before and have any input?

It’s very slightly cheaper than Wal-Mart (0.041/lb)

But it does save you the need to go to Wal-Mart, so there is that…

Standard pricing is under $100

I understand chocolates and cheeses…but what does this have to do with wine?

Checking this link, the Walmart product ($12.54/lb at my location)is actually lobster claws, not crab claws. Not that it makes any difference to me, I can’t eat either one.

This WOOT is only good for delivery on 11/11. If you go to the company’s website, it’s the exact same price and you can have delivery just about anytime in November or December.

This is not a good deal… 25 bux cheaper!

Am I the only one who thought this was lobster? I know it says “Johah Crab Claw Kit” but the “Get Main Lobster” was misleading.

OMG, I love the Special Note included with this product . . . “While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists.” Does that mean we may receive pigs snouts instead of crab claws?

If I read things correctly, it is cheaper only for a limited area. The shipping costs $9.95 for those in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, part of New York, and the northern half of New Jersey. For the rest of us in the continental US, shipping costs jump to $39.95. If you qualify for the lower shipping rate, that site is a better deal by about $15; otherwise, it will cost ~$10 more than this offer.

Elminster helpfully included shipping costs in a comparison of other vendors in a previous comment.

This is sad; it’s not a deal really. It’s just standard pricing minus maybe $5 to buy it at the normal online store.

And then there is the endless joy of Costco if you want to buy that much stuff at once…also, I am very suspicious of getting highly perishable shellfish through the mail unless it’s subarctic outside (ie guy leaving truck open for an hour/letting palettes sit on the loading dock actually makes packages colder not warmer).

That’s the beauty of these. According to the description, they are cooked, fresh, and frozen! Also they are lobster and crab. Something for everyone!

Where does it actually say it has lobster? According to the specs:

"In the box:

(1) Package of Maine Jonah Crab Claws, 10 lbs
(1) Cocktail Sauce, 9 oz
(2) Crab Mallet"

Nothing about lobster. Unless you’re going to believe that because they call themselves “Get Maine Lobster” they will actually ship lobster? They also sell beef… does that mean we’ll be getting steaks too?

Add 30.00 dollars in shipping at Lukes Lobster. You forgot to mention that little detail. Woot still beats it by 5 bucks

thanks. yea shipping is pretty big deal (overnight) and this is quality product.

Jonah Crab Claw Kit - 10lbs


Have your own Crab Claw Feast at home!

Send a gift note: Just email your message to and we’ll be sure to include it!

What we provide:

  • 10 lbs of Jonah Crab Claws, steamed and ready to eat
  • Cocktail sauce and butter for dipping
  • Luke’s Hammer

Feeds 7-10 people.

Shipping & Perishables - PLEASE NOTE:

Because crab claws are perishable and shipped frozen with dry ice, we require a flat shipping fee of $30 to ensure the delivery of a quality product. Please select this shipping option. You must unpack your claws and store them in the fridge as soon as they arrive!

We deliver Crab Claw Kits Tuesday - Friday.You must order by 2 pm EDT for next day delivery.

Please make sure someone is home at the time that Fedex normally delivers to receive the kit - though no signature is required, Fedex may not leave a package if they fear it may be stolen.

If you put in a later date for shipping, there is NO SHIPPING!

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