Get more out of the PC Defender


Not too long ago the PC Defender was sold on woot, two for 20 bucks plus 5 shipping. Some argued it was a horrible woot because of the software- others bought it just because it was necessary for their jobs when constantly moving around the office. Others still pointed out USBWiSec, a program that greatly expanded the hardware’s capabilities. I’ve been trying to get the UsbWiSec work for me but it’s designed for the PC Defender equivlant you can find on ThinkGeek.

Thanks to my friend Scott Anderson I now have a .dll file that will make UsbWiSec work with the PC Defender. If someone offers to host it, I’ll send it to them. For those of you with and knowledge to do it, just change the product id you can find by going to msinfo32.exe (it’s listed as a Human Interface Device).

The great thing about this is now it’s a windows lock, which is far stronger than the cheap program that came with the hardware, and now you can do much more. If you have X10 devices you can have it control that with a bit of programming - you can make it startup winamp and other programs.

So to anyone that decides to use UsbWiSec to get more out of their PC Defender let’s make this the place to discuss ideas and whatnot - hopefully between all of us we can make some kind of uber woot out of this.


Sorry about the double post! I’m on a wireless network and my 2.4 ghz wireless phone knocks me off at weird intervals, even when someone picks it up on the otherside of the house- I didn’t know it went off and hit post -for some reason that made it post twice.


Not that many showed much interest in this forum, but this threads pretty much useless now. Gaines, a woot member, was kind enough to set up a page so those of us that wooted the PC Defender can work together to create cool plug ins for it and help out the USBWiSec community.

I know I’ll be there, trying to figure out how to make my dorm room as automated as possible.


Appears still to be useless . . .

Just thought I’d mention that!!!