Get on the Mike

Even though I don’t fully know what art deco is still, I can look at this shirt and really see it - Congrats on your first print :smiley:

On an unrelated note

? - haha

Shouldn’t it be “mic” not “mike”?

This reminds me of a loudspeaker shirt I saw on thinkgeek. It’s a cheaper, redder alternative. xD

it should be

on another note: FINALLY! A RED SHIRT!

I like it. I haven’t done a shirt in a LONG time. In 4 one. The good ol radio in me.

Congrats to the artists, nice job.

Thank you woot! and designer :slight_smile:

Sadly, I don’t want it. More red!!!

my dictionary says “mike”

You were first sucker, but now you’re not anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

My most favorite out of the entire bunch. Glad to see it placed! Very cool design. It shall be worn all summer long, drinkin’ beers and being merry.


Is there a hidden meaning here endorsing conservative talk radio? Red shirt? HMMMM!?

I wish to enact the Fairness Doctrine and have this shirt also printed on blue.

This has a nice guerrilla radio against the fascists sort of feel to it

Dating my self with the laugh-in refence
But I hate most things radio these days. But it did start it all. And the begining of FM was fantastic. So I might buy when I get home.k

Rage Against The Machine?

For the first time on shirt.woot, in for 3!!! One for me, one for DH and one for our nephew named MIKE!

We also are happy about a chance to buy a red shirt that’s comfy and the right price.

We call this color: Red-y To Transmit…diseases.

nice print and on a RED shirt not cranberry. :slight_smile:

genius, i simply love this design… congrats to the designer.

most likely a sell out =)

Careful washing this shirt, people. See those lighting bolts? They aren’t just for show…

and as I was saying…

MIC is sort for microphone
MIKE is some dude’s name

What is woot telling us to do here?!? :wink: