Get Organized With Origami

If these had lids, they would be way cool.

There are 3 containers and 1 lid.
How do you close the other 2?

I’m guessing, you don’t. The one lid supplied is likely for the largest one, so you can stick the other two in there, then keep them from falling out.

However, that seems, to me, like a cheap way to save a buck. Pretty useless containers, for anything I’d need, without lids for all 3.

D’oh! Almost jumped the gun on 2 sets; good thing I popped in here first. Without lids for all 3, I’m out. Thanks guys!

I popped a set into my cart and checked out without double checking specs. I can still make it work with only one lid, but that is disappointing.

We bought one of these units before Christmas to use as a table to hold drinks and ice in the family room. Unfold it … set out the cups and ice; at the end of the day, fold it up until the next holiday. Perfect … almost.

Unfortunately, when the next holiday came, the wooden top on ours cracked and buckled. Really a shame because we like the idea and convenience. It’s still usable, but I can’t say how long the top will last.

I’d buy another, but no wood please. Also, there is no “latch” to keep the unit in a “folded up” state when storing it. We use twine or a zip tie to make sure it doesn’t open up on us when we pull it out of its home between the freezer and storage unit.

I just got the workbench tonight… Took I dunno, 20 seconds to set up, and it is built really well. Great for this apartment dwelling mechanic. Exactly the sturdy construction + portability I’ve been looking for. At this price, I should have bought 3 and given a few to friends for birthdays.

I got the pair of shelves. They are pretty nice.
I have to gripe about the packaging, the over-packaging, though - a “nightmare”.
The pair was pre-packaged by HSN (yep), already, as they would have shipped it, I’m sure. But then that was put in a much bigger cardboard box along with reams of brown paper (as padding) and somebody did some kind of half-hearted tape job as an afterthought. So much to throw away [ugh!].