Get Out (Not In A Bad Way)

When your signature item (Chehalis pontoon boat) is sold out, stop using it as your signature item. For heaven’s sake!

For those interested in the “Cedar Key Pier Six 50mm Comm Jacket - Green”, perhaps as an inexpensive body armor, these are not actually 50 millimeters thick as stated in the title and description. It’s much more probable that the intended unit of measure would be “mils”, which is common abbreviation for “1/1000th of an inch”. Otherwise, the jacket material would be nearly 2" thick.

Having said that, it can also be appropriate to use the term “mils” as an abbreviation for “millimeter”, but “millimeter” must never be used when the intended meaning is “mil”. Wadding of the panties would inevitably follow for folks like me.

I secretly judge people who use “mil” instead of the standard “mm” abbreviation. There, I said it :wink:

You sold out the item in the photo several days ago. Stop showing it.