Get Out!



I have to admit, I am disappointed. A mouse-over of the sport! section of woot shows a Woot Plus event called “Get Out!”, and I was expecting catapaults.


I’ll add catapults to the wish list for the buyers. :tongue:


I got two of the “American Trails Apache 5 Sleeping Bags” last time they were up.

I zipped them together and made one huge sleeping bag for slumber parties in the living room. Lots of fun!


are the foot warms going at a good price? never used or purchased these before. i snowboard and these sound like it can keep my feet warm


They sure are, I bought some at my local Wally World and they are close to $3 a pair - so for a buck a pair here it is a bargain - too bad I already stocked up!


Looking at the first sucker and last wooter for the (Sold out) Kelty Redstart it seems one person bought all of them. That doesn’t seem right… could that be a mistake?


Plus deals often have smaller quantities. Sometimes because that’s all we can get. Sometimes it’s a few left over from previous sales.


Thanks I was going to ask that very question!


I have the extra wide version of the slumberjack and have used it for 6 years now and this thing is a tank. It’s a bit of a work out to set up, but I’ve slept in it for eight weekends at a stretch and on overnight camp trips and it is just effing amazing. The extra large has like a 350 pound weight limit, so unless you’re fatty mcfatterson, you could probably get laid on the thing and it’d take it.

The legs are sturdy square aluminum (I want to say inch or inch and a half square aluminum), and the cot unfolds sort of like an accordian. Head and foot struts use plastic tabs in the frame to pop into the cross beams. They chew up but so far I haven’t had to try to replace them.

The under-sling is great, and extends 2/3 of the way down, so you can still throw a bag under your feet. The sling has lots of room, and each side of the sling lip has 2 or 3 moderately deep pockets for storing small stuff.

Pair it with a bivy tent and you have a one-man rather compact car camping solution. Cabelas has a 50 dollar bivy tent that will fit this baby just fine if I’m not mistaken.

If you have the extra wide cot like me (39 inches instead of 32… I like my elbow room dammit), then the best bivy tent I’ve seen is the Teton Sport Outfitter XXL Quick Tent (which if it only weighed 3 pounds less would be my go-to backpacking tent too… sigh)

Note: Like most cots, the fabric stretches a little as you sleep in it. It’ll develop a small sag in the morning, yet be drum-tight when you first set it up. Six years and it still does that. I find a little bit of sag though is actually more comfortable than the drum-tight cot.

Summary: If you need a cot for guests, sleeping, or car camping, it doesn’t get much better than this, and I’ve eaten through a lot of cots in my time.


I picked up the Lakota 65 on one of the last woot deals and this thing is really nice for a starter pack. It’s not ultralight, but it’s got space for days and is damn comfortable.

Kelty service is second to none as well. I have a belly and the belt was like 2 inches too short, and they made and sent me a belt extender for free! I’m not proud of being a Fatty, but I was not expecting them to take that good a care of me.


I have to agree with you on this one. It is a shame.


The head light has SIX modes eh? Since when is OFF a mode?


When it’s not on?


The Kelty Lakota 65 can be found for 116.20 on amazon. It gets good reviews on several different sites.


I ordered two of the sleeping bags. They may have arrived in a slightly huge box: