Get Outdoors Already

Camping season may be over for some of us, but I know some of you are preparing for that last hurrah!

Are you stocking up or getting some last minute camping in?

Camping for hunting purposes is just getting started. although that generally involves heavier duty stuff than this.

in other news, I really like that lumbar pack, but that color is awful. I can see why it’s on discount. would really like the one in the pictures.

Ha, good point! I’m eyeing the kettle but don’t have any experience with that brand. Anyone know how it compares with GSI or MSR?

Esbit kettle is a good deal, it’s on amazon here:
$22 With all good reviews. Disregard the last one, they didn’t know what they are buying. Keep in mind it’s only big enough to fill 2 medium coffee cups or barely a big thermos. It’s small!! For one person it’s fine for backpacking. It’s aluminum not titatnium so a little heavier and can be dent prone. For backpacking food and hot drinks it his is great for the price!

Slumerjack has some great equipment. About 6-7 years ago I bought their XL cot, and the 3 foot and change wide cot was around like 6’4 long and has been a tank that can take my fat ass sleeping on it for months at a time.

Best 200 bucks I ever spent. Then, this year, for summer camping, I bought a little bivy tent that velcros onto the cot. I wouldn’t want to sleep with it in the rain, but for weekend warrior camping it can’t be beat.

I’ll halfway be sorry to stop using it so much when my teardrop trailer is finished.

I have the GSI version of this same pot and have been extremely happy with it. My Pepsi Can stove fits inside my two nesting cups, both of which fit inside this pot with the lid on. It is great for one person. I use it to boil water in for Mountain House meals for dinner, and instant coffee (ugh) and instant oatmeal in the morning.

Two complaints: the anodized finish is slow to dry on the inside (it seems to absorb some water which can’t even be wiped dry), and the ends of the handle, as they pass through the pot brackets, can snag on your pack fabric, so be careful. I have made peace wtih these “problems” and like my GSI version very much.

This and the GSI look so similar that it would not surprise me if it was found they were made in the same factory.

I love the outdoors sale days. I wouldn’t normally purchase things like this as they cost more than I’m willing to pay. Keep them coming Woot!

Agree. For me, it’s too small to be of real use for car camping with a bunch of people and not something I’d want to throw in a pack if hiking.