Get PUMPed!

as much as I love Rockports, I just can’t buy something that needs a proper fit and feel, that can’t be returned.

some reviews on the presia bootie (from rockport website)

and amazon reviews

Love the look of the Ordella ankle boots but fit scares me since can’t be returned.
$10 more on but since that includes free returns I think I may choose that option.

With the current 20% off promotion these are actually $6 less on Amazon and free shipping/returns. Too bad, Woot…

These aren’t pumps! They’re shooties (and booties).

I’m getting different results. Found the Ordella on Amazon in my size, added it to cart, and it comes up as $80.20. I did see the 20% off sale banner, but it also says “price as marked”.

ETA: My bad. I had to get most of the way through checkout to add the 20% off code (which wasn’t as obvious as I expected) and then the price came down to lower than Woot’s.

These are NOT what I have called pumps for my whole 50 years!!! These are just high heeled boots with no legs and imho look silly with anything other than pants.

Ankle boots look good with miniskirts and tights. But these aren’t cool enough to buy. They are a sad attempt to be fashionable. And definitely not pumps.