Get Your ASUS To Mars!

the cheaper model says “quad core” from the store page… but says “dual core” in the actual item page.

Thanks for noticing the discrepancy.

We’ve forwarded along the issue to Computers Staff.

[MOD EDIT: Updated offer to reflect “dual core”. Thanks again!]

Question about the Asus M11AD-US002S desktop:

It lists a discrete graphics card on the product page, but the image of the back of the PC does not show one installed. My guess is that you are just reusing the same images for all the desktops, but really the ones with discrete graphics will look a little different on the back. Is that a good guess?

This one?

Where are you seeing a reference to a discrete video card? I can’t find it.

It does say that it has dedicated video memory:

Enhanced viewing with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 graphics with 4GB GDDR3 dedicated graphics memory