Get Your Bake On

Tis the season to start baking, right? What baking gear are you looking at adding - or replacing from being worn out?

I could really go for the 9x13 pan with cover. It looks really nice, and I could stop using aluminum foil/saran wrap to cover things in my glass 9x13. Tempting!

Pan is suitable for gas or electric stoves up to 450°F (cover is not oven, microwave or stovetop safe)

MADE IN USA FTMFW on the Regal Ware stuff

I bought the Nordic Ware cream filled cake pan set during this wootoff. It has already arrived! I won’t have a chance to use it until Sunday probably, but I fully intend on making an ice cream cake with cookies n cream ice cream as the filling as someone suggested during the wootoff. I’ll post pics if I get a chance and drop a review.

I DID NOT SEE THIS and now I am heartbrokern.

ETA: And then I learned to scroll and unbroke my own heart.

Grabbed myself 2 pie pans. I was literally contemplating going out and buying a pie pan today! Talk about good timing; figured I can wait a few days for these. I was sold on the “heftiness” of them. I just prefer a heavier pie pan; I think it is easier to work with when you’re placing your crust, also when filling/cutting. Rather than a light pan that will slide around more.

Also nabbed 2 round cake pans. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to acquire round cake pans. Now I can make my dads famous devils food cake: 6 layers of devils food cake, 6 layers of chocolate ganache, 12 levels of over-indulgence.


I have a feeling though, the pizza pan and the jelly roll pan will do me in. I debating 9x13 as a roaster, but I think my pyrex works for that

For the 9" Pie Pan it states,
Wide rim allows for easier
I think it would also help to catch any juices that might bubble over, and not onto the oven floor.
I ordered one earlier this morning, I’m going back for one more. The crust will turn out beautiful in this pan’s construction.

Forget the bakeware. Where can I get one of those pies? It looks delicious.


too late to get a set of cookie tray (or jelly roll pan as it’s called here) :frowning:

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Technically-speaking, a cookie tray only has the short-sided ‘lip’, to grab them (so you can slide the cookies off). A Jelly Roll Pan has all four sides up (so you can push the cake batter to the edges.

Both are called simply ‘baking sheets’ though.

Just go to a restaurant supply store. You can get all you want for five or six bucks a piece. Heavy aluminum ones with rolled edges that are very hard to warp. This one was stainless steel, but I’m not sure what benefit that is for this pan.

I bought the giant cupcake pan as a gift for my mom a while back. The nonstick coating is excellent. And although at first I thought the directions had to be a typo, it really does take 45 minutes to bake. So worth it though- it’s very, very cute.

Rose pan is cheaper on sellout. $9 vs the $10 here. (Perhaps that is something that Woot might need to adjust.)

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just got my 9x13 pan with lid, and three corners of the lid are broken. And it is nearly impossible to get the pan out of the lid (even with broken corners).

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Have you contacted yet? They would likely be able to help you out.