Get Your Game on with SteelSeries Accessories!

I know it says Medal of Honor all over the keyboards, but what other games are you playing? And is the headset comfy?

Do these require a cable for the headset to work still like other similar models for other companies?

Edit: I read some reviews/company website and I’m also curious if the microphone is possible to use for PC. They say “only compatible for xbox 360” and only mention listening capabilities on the PC. I find this hard to believe. Does anyone have these? If the microphone is noise cancelling and is usable for PC I am absolutely 100% sold on this, if not I’m just sad.

I realize I may be missing some small thing, but isn’t this the same keyboard on USB!USB!USB! that is $5 more?

I still don’t need one, but I’d buy it here if I did.

Yes. Model numbers are the same under specs, and they are both new.

I know a sale is a sale, but I feel like “17% bought 10” is a bit unfair to anyone who wants to buy one of the headsets. its less than 2 hours in and the headset is sold out.

Sorry about that. Those headphones have actually been on sale on our site numerous times. By the time something gets to Sellout.Woot, we’re really trying to push it out the door. I’m sure that’s why the purchase limit was set so high.

Keep checking back. Maybe there will be something else you want.