Get Your INK On! Woot! + Inktober + YOU

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Howdy, Wooters!

Remember that time when we launched a bunch of coloring pages for you to pleasantly pass the time? This is sort of like that. But FANCIER! We’re going to unofficially participate in the official Inktober Challenge!

If you’ve never heard of Inktober, you can read all about it here… but the basic ideas is that you create ONE new ink-based doodle/drawing/sketch every day, and then post your new creation to the interwebz to show off your skill (or lack thereof), and enjoy the feeling of being part of something larger than yourself. Sound like fun? Good.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Find the day’s prompt below (there’s one official Inktober prompt for each day of October)
  • Create an ink drawing using the prompt (You can sketch it out with pencil first, if needed).
  • If you need a jumpstart, you can download and use the Woot! Doodle-starter next to each prompt!
  • Post a picture of your creation in our Woot! + Inktober Sharing Thread of WONDER!
  • If you’re feeling extra social, you can also share your drawing on Instagram and tag us using #wootinktober
  • Browse through everyone’s drawings and enjoy the welcome distraction from all that wacky stuff that may or may not be going on out there in the “real” (aka non-Wooty) world.

Ready? Go!

Inktober Prompts

Week 1

October 1: FISH (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter))
October 2: WISP (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 3: BULKY (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 4: RADIO (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 5: BLADE (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 6: RODENT (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 7: FANCY (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)

Week 2

October 8: TEETH (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 9: THROW (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 10: HOPE (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 11: DISGUSTING (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 12: SLIPPERY (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 13: DUNE (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)
October 14: ARMOR (Download the Woot! Doodle-starter)

Week 3

October 15: OUTPOST (PNG version - PDF version)
October 16: ROCKET (PNG version - PDF version*)
October 17: STORM (PNG version - PDF version)
October 18: TRAP (PNG version - PDF version)
October 19: DIZZY (PNG version - PDF version)
October 20: CORAL (PNG version - PDF version)
October 21: SLEEP (PNG version - PDF version)

Week 4 (plus a few extra)

October 22: CHEF (PNG version - PDF version)
October 23: RIP (PNG version - PDF version)
October 24: DIG (PNG version - PDF version)
October 25: BUDDY (PNG version - PDF version)
October 26: HIDE (PNG version - PDF version)
October 27: MUSIC (PNG version - PDF version)
October 28: FLOAT (PNG version - PDF version)
October 29: SHOES (PNG version - PDF version)
October 30: OMINOUS (PNG version - PDF version)
October 31: CRAWL (PNG version - PDF version)

Remember to post your drawings over here in our Inktober Sharing Thread of WONDER!