Get your Random Craft on

uhhh, the Zig pen is a ripoff… 1 pen here is more expensive than a pack on amazon…

$12 for one pen? a bit expensive…

but it is an AWESOME tool for students: think of all the stuff you can cram on a notecard for your next physics exam? There’s going to be so much extra room, you can throw some example problems on there too.

Fiberfill also not a good deal. It’s a good deal on normal retail price, for sure, especially compared to your typical 3 lb bag. But I can usually find some on sale and with a 40% coupon at Joann’s or Michael’s for $2-3 for 3lb.

Still, I’m loving seeing some craft love here, even if it is scrapbook-centric. Just for Woot to know…if you wanna go down this route, look into Chiaogoo and Hiya Hiya interchangeable knitting needle sets and those Lion Brand bon bons or 10-skein sets of yarn. Ravelry forums will explode and you’ll be bought out before noon.

The pen… is it a 0.02 mm or a .2 mm?

I find it hard to believe that there is even such a thing as a 0.02mm pen tip…

Welp, I was tending to agree with you, but I Googled, and several sites came up with 0.02mm. That said, I’m clarifying with our buyers which this actually is, 0.02mm or 0.2mm, as we have both listed.

MORE CAMEOS WOOT! And don’t hide them next time!