Gettin' Lit

Do these lamps light up your life? If so, tell us where you’re using them and any tips we ought to watch out for.

Illuminate your fellow wooter!

The floor lamp is ‘on sale’ at overstock for $126.

I was wondering how easy the bulbs are to find; a search proved they were readily available. But does anyone know if there’s any reason I couldn’t just put a full-spectrum bulb in my existing lamps?

The only answer I can think of is ‘sure, but you’d be missing out on a cool lamp.’ The bulb is included here, and since they run about $11 (plus shipping if you get them online), I’m getting the $126 lamp for about $50. But is there something else special about the lamp? Would the bulbs flicker in my run-of-the-mill lamp?

I recently purchased the Classic Table Lamp 2-Pack with Shades the 2nd time I saw them on Woot, and over all they are decent lamps they don’t stand out which is what I was going for. I am very happy with them for the price.

Two things I would like to note.

First off the lamps do not have a heavy base, the construction appears to be mostly something similar to wood, so they tip rather easily. I am using one on a night stand next to my bed, and am probably going to move it elsewhere as I have knocked it over several times now when going to turn it on in the morning when my motor skills may not be at their peak.

Second and this isn’t exactly an issue with the lamps but more with woots quality control as of late, my lamps did not include any CFL bulbs despite it being indicated they would. This was solved by a 2 block walk to the hardware store and $2, instead of complaining to woot since I was already (still am) trying to get my missing truffle butter (they won’t do partial refunds for the missing item and I wanted to keep the remainder of the 3 pack), and dealing with a back ordered hoodie (they offered it in another color with a new shipping date which i opted for, which is now long past). Just saying if a minor thing like no CFL bulbs, and having to contact woot for them is going to be a deal breaker…

Like the poster above I got the “Classic” style just got and assembled them 2 days ago have not made it too the nightstand yet. As the other posted said the base is not that heavy nor that wide so pushing it over may be easy but only time will tell. Mine did include bulbs they were slotted into the packing foam.

I think they look rather nice the bases are nothing fancy but I personally think the shades are pretty fancy looking much nicer than the shade on our old bedroom lamps. They have two layers of fabric with a nice accent of another brown color around that edge. From my brief looking of lamps and shades at stores I would have paid probably 40-50 for just these shades at a target/walmart so figure I saved about 20-30 on the lamp bases.

I received a broken lamp still waiting to hear from woot =/

I ordered the Classic lamp set and I love them. I put them on each of my nightstands and it really gives the room an elegant look. I’m very happy with the purchase. :slight_smile:

got a broken bulb, but the lamp seems ok. not quite sure how the lamp is in good shape and the lightbulb arrived in four million mercury-laden pieces, but…

Lamp is quality, but bulb was broken on arrival? Send me a new one Woot (bulb that is…

I received a broken bulb. Literature inside the box suggested it was a Frontgate item, so i gave it a shot with them - no dice. My guess is that Frontgate stopped carrying them, leaving Simpla with the inventory risk and therefore a lot of overstock, and Simpla is liquidating them.

The warranty is through Simpla, and i’m having trouble finding contact info for them that isn’t a “bulb reorder” address. I found a proto-website at, but there’s not even a greeting on the voicemail. Anyone else have any luck finding Simpla?

I received a broken lamp too…still no word from WOOT ! Is this the way they usually respond to customers? Very frustrated here.

Sorry about that. They’ve had some server issues that have gobbled up some email. Please email in again just in case yours was dinner for the server.