Getting paid and deleting designs

Hi! How does one get paid for your designs?? And can I delete my designs so they can’t be used if I’m unhappy with the design?

Hi there. There’s a lot of info in our Shirt FAQ

What is Shirt.Woot?

and on the Submission page
Submit to Shirt.Woot!

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It is not clear where I set up the ‘direct deposit’.

If your shirt is chosen to be printed, you’ll be given forms to fill out and send to our accounting group.

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Ok. Thank you!

Can I see where my designs ‘live’? And can I withdraw or delete my designs? I am not comfortable with my designs just ‘floating’ around somewhere in the ether…

Can I delete or withdraw my designs? I am not comfortable with my designs just ‘floating’ around somewhere in the ether…

I’m not staff, and I may be misunderstanding what you’re asking, but what I think you’re asking:

  • Designs are submitted to shirt woot for review. If the editors select it, it’ll be offered for sale under a contract. Typically, it’s a daily, a plus sale, or both. The product mix offered at that point would be relevant to the timing and/or production capability.

  • After the initial offering, the design goes to the catalog.

  • Removal from the catalog is usually only for legal reasons. I don’t remember any voluntary removal in my 10+ years here as a customer.

  • If you’re uncomfortable with your designs “floating around”, shirt.woot may not be the place to submit. As the facilitators of production and logistics, you have to give them rights, which (AFAIK) includes using designs for marketing purposes. If you want full control, you’re pretty much going to have to build your own site, your own printing and fulfillment as some artists have.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

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Thank you so much for the clear breakdown! Your answer is so clear and I now understand fully what the process entails, etc. I love your username by the way. hee hee