Getting ready for Black Friday already!

Are you ready for black friday?

You can get ready here:

They had their first ad up in August! You can get all ready to shop before you even sit down to eat turkey if you want!

Hmm… no ad scans on the site. Kind of pointless to look at it. They took down the only one they had.

Wow only 6 minutes to catch my first troll… Did you notice they have T-shirts this year? Or the naughty letter they got from Wal-Mart. lol… Maybe you have a better site since this one is so ‘lame’?

you should know that Fen spends a lot of effort looking for and at ads and online searching to find deals for people around here. ‘troll’, he ain’t.

josephus’s quote is the word of baby jesus!

Everyone get their shopping done then?