Getting the Shuttle Home


I am reminded of Woot! because of the guys in Florida that posted pictures here of the Shuttle liftoff 2 weeks ago. Well, I read this in the news:[quote]The US space agency would have preferred to land the shuttle in Florida as it costs nearly two million dollars to return it from California piggy-backed atop a Boeing 747 and this could affect the schedule of future missions.[/quote]
And I thought, they should land in Carrollton, Tx., because then they can get home for just $5 shipping!


Good idea! Maybe you should write to NASA.


Yeah, but for how much would woot! sell a refurbed shuttle?!?


Good point. The article did say the fleet would be retired in 2010, so, watch for it.
I don’t know if folks would go for a refurb, you know, “I wonder who used the bathrooms last” and all that.
Still, if Woot! can sell inflatable movie screens…


It’d almost have to go in a woot off . . . I mean . . . there’d only be the one available.


I gotsta know . . . what is the origin of your screen name?


it’s part of the code to break HD-DVD encryption


Wow, how did you know that?


We got a cracker in the house?!?!?!?


people were posting it all over the interwebs because the DVD consortium was trying to squash it… for obvious reasons… but once that genie got out of it’s bottle, there was no putting it back…


who you callin’ a cracker?! :omg:


Any code smacker here.