Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker

A very good coffee maker at a good price. I love the coffee that it makes.

Wait… do you need coffee grounds?

Cool! We’re thinking of getting a Senseo. How does this compare?

Does anyone know where to buy the pods at? This looks pretty sweet.

Amazon says its 66 dollars

$61.99 over at amazon,

No reviews as of yet, but looks like a solid buy~

They come in one-time use pods, much like tea bags.

Can you use your own coffee if you run out of pods?

Gr8 reviews found here:
Guess it wasn’t the right model. Nevermind

Can you just use tea bags?

No, but according to the write-up, I see you can use Senseo pods. However, the pods are never that cheap either. But the coffee is much frothier and you can get pods of all sorts of flavors and strengths.

My sister in law has one. She loves it. I tried it and I thought the coffee tasted like crap. But I’m also not entirely sold on my sister in law’s dishwashing habits, which could have factored in.

Simply put, No.

The Keurig is the only one I’ve seen that can do that.

Gevalia is makes some great coffee and tea. They have deals all the time where you can sign up for coffee and tea deliveries and you can get a free coffee maker, so that is an alternative to this.

PODS… lots of options.

There are even some make your own pod kits…

Looking at the build of the maker, no. Most pod machines, and this one seems to be no exception, are restricted to one type of coffee pod, usually specific to the maker – if their business goes under or they stop manufacturing, you’re SOL. It’s basically the razor/blades model, but more expensive and much more lame.

You can get them in a bunch of places, try CoffeeWiz for starters.

Actually there are reviews. Check out my link

No, its like the razor/razor blade gimmick.