Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker

oops, wrong one, shoulda looked at the model closer… spd2base has the right model

Im sure you could…I doubt the machine is tuned for tea…but I cant see why it wouldnt work.

Hot Water + Tea + Bag has always equaled tea in my world.

As a lifelong Quesada worshiper, I think you have taken the holy ones name out of context. I hope woot burns in heck for its transgression.

I have a Keurig coffee maker. How does this one compare? Can you choose different cup sizes?

Looks like there’s lots of varieties of coffee pods available…

The resale value on this beast is ridiculous!!! I’m talkin 4x’s!!! sign me up for 3

Easy to clean?

Not sure about the quality of the tea though

Here is a website on how to buy coffee pods

gives links to Gevalia plus other retailers.

If you like picking coffee grinds from your teeth, sure. Otherwise, stick with the pods. They’re one time use; great for people who don’t like taking 30 seconds to measure coffee grinds and put them into a filter.

I’m confused…that link is for a pod maker, not for a pod coffee maker…

Maybe, but they have to be round tea bags in the same shape as these pods. Otherwise, you’ll either have watery eat (too small tea bags) or water squirting out the side of the coffee maker (too large tea bags).

We have the Juan Valdez version of this and we really love it.

We get the coffee pods at Publix, and they taste great. Also available at Target and at

My only caution is that it’s a little noisy, but that’s what $10 bucks will get ya.

in for one as soon as I find my wallet…

This is a great deal. Our Juan Valdez was twice this price, and I was pleased with that deal, too.

Wow - that’s pretty cheap…

FYI: there are plenty of tutorials on making your own pods quickly and on the cheap:


Some other place with neat, informative mspaint drawings:

Slightly related link:

my dad used to have one of these, he tried making pods out of coffe filters and succeeded somewhat. he said that it isnt as good as the pods but in a bind it could work. i wouldnt count on it as your only way of coffee though, just as a back up incase you run out of pods one morning. also, most major brands make generic pods that will fit into most pod machines (i know Folgers does and i believe ive seen others as well)

You can also now get Folger’s coffee in pods. If they’re not at your grocery store, check this site.

Gevalia always does poorly in taste test comparisons. Plus they are notorious spammers…

sorry woot, I’m a keurig fan. how bout a good deal on some k cups?

Found a Positive Review here. Looks like a good buy!

Very! Run hot water through without a pod inserted.