Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker

Amazon…large selection…sometimes at a very low price… Target used to carry them… sorry to say that but these pods seem to go by way of the 8 track and betamax (wh remembers those?)…

water…tea bags of the wrong size… equal explosion… price less lol

Here ya go…

Coffee Pods

I must be dyslexic. I could’ve sworn when I first looked at this that it said “iPod Coffee Maker”. I thought, great, another attempt to mangle two appliances into one.

question about the coffee, does it taste like it was burned like charbuck coffee, or is it like the tasty folgers or dunkin donuts coffee…i don’t like burnt coffee

…and that’s why there’s a specific pod for these things. It’s not as compatible with crazy ideas as a regular coffee pot.

You would find a few types of kits to “Make your own Pods”, over the web. Run a search on Amazon, and another on Google.

you can get pods at Wal-Mart, your local grocery store, I think even Target has pods.

I have seen lots of options for the Senseo brand pod coffee maker:

Not sure if this coffeemaker can use them though.

Do any of these pod coffee makers do good hot cocoa?

Not to be confused with Dr. Ronald Chevalier!


I have something made by Cuisinart that’s similar and I love it. makes coffee or tea, depends on what you put in the hopper.

I can’t rightly tell by the pic of the Gevalia but the Cuisinart thing I have is wicked easy to use.

It’s fantastic coffee! I’m not a huge coffee fan, but this creates a frothy, almost mocha-like drink. There’s never any grounds, and nothing heavy on the bottom. It’s the same coffee from the first sip to the bottom of the cup.

LOLOLOL u should talk to that other guy had the same prob LOL i dont think there was ever woot that was this funny p.s. to all i bought 1 and tasted it b4 from a freind who payed alottt more for it… its good… and very quick

My mom had one of these for a while. I was unimpressed to say the least. If you’re going to make coffee, I don’t see why you wouldn’t use a maker that you put the grounds in yourself-- so you can choose your flavor, and so you don’t run out… you can’t hop to the grocery store and get the pods for this thing.

I might just be overly picky, but the coffee it made was gross. For one, it tasted burnt. For two, it tasted… well, old.

In short, I wouldn’t recommend it, don’t waste your money.

Here is a link for pods at amazon. Sold through Cyber Cucina…

Also, directly at Cyber Cucinas site.

They do not seem to be on Gevalias own site.

if I get it, do I have to sign up to Gevalia? XP

You don’t want to strain your hot cocoa through a filter.

You can use regular small tea bags in these machines. Just arrange two or three bags in a circular pattern so that the whole mesh is covered and no plain water will get past them. I do it all the time. I then pour the cup into a larger cup that has ice in it and it’s perfect for me since I like my tea iced and watered down.